Vince McMahon Announces his Retirement from WWE

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Yesterday is a very historic day for WWE, as Vince McMahon came out and announced that he is retiring from his duties from the company. I was on my way to work, when I found this news out and I just could not believe it. I knew that it was coming though and we will get to why later in the article.

Vince McMahon created a company that went far beyond wrestling. He over the past 4 decades made this company from a territory in the northeast to worldwide. Vince was an inspiration to kids and adults of all ages. Vince made a ton of memories and moments he was a part of, through his time with WWE. Including his own character, which in my opinion was the most important character of the Attitude Era. Yes you could say Stone Cold, but every good hero needs a villain and Vince fitted the bill. WWE would not be what it is today without this man.

While I say he was a great buisnessman and created a company that was the number 1 wrestling company for many years. You can’t talk about Vince McMahon without mentioning his Darker Side. There is a long list of controversial stuff that could have taken down Vince and forced him out of the company. But lets talk about the main reason why he retired. It came out a few weeks ago where sexual misconduct allegations were brought against Vince McMahon. He was also alleged in paying millions of dollars to multiple women who worked for the company to hide his affairs and misconduct. I am not going to go into detail about these disgraceful allegations, but they did not paint him well. Especially, as he might have used company funds to pay off these women. Which of course brings a lot of concerns ethically.

One thing is for sure, you can’t deny that these allegations heavily influenced his decision to retire. I heavily doubt that Vince would have retired from WWE, if he was not alleged of sexual misconduct. In fact many others who worked with him backstage or in the ring have stated Vince said that there was no chance he would ever step away from his role. But it has happened and Vince is no longer a part of WWE.

As of now his daughter Stephanie McMahon and WWE President Nick Khan will be co-CEO’s of WWE. More news came where Triple H is going to be the new Head Talent of Relations replacing John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis was placed on administrative leave, due to him also being involved and accused of sexual misconduct. I think with Triple H as Head of Talent Relations pretty much seals Laurinaitis fate and he’s pretty much done with WWE. Laurinaitis will never come back to WWE ever again in his role. Honestly, he should have never regained that role to begin with. No word yet on who will be replacing Vince as Head of Creative for WWE.

My message to Vince is enjoy retirement. You worked super hard for many years and built this company to what it was today. Like I said without you, who knows if there ever would be a WWE today. Thank you for everything that you did and creating a company that was a big part of my childhood.

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