Trade Grade: Winnipeg Jets trade Nathan Beaulieu to the Pittsburgh Penguins

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There were many trades that occurred during the NHL Trade Deadline. Some teams want to take risks and others want to get value for the future of their team. In this trade it is between both the Pittsburgh Penguins and Winnipeg Jets involving Nathan Beaulieu.

Winnipeg Jets Acquire: 2022 7th Round Pick
Pittsburgh Penguins Acquire: D Nathan Beaulieu

Conditions surrounding the draft pick: For the pick to transfer the Pittsburgh Penguins need to win three playoff rounds and Beaulieu needs to play in at least 50 percent of those postseason games for the Jets draft pick to transfer.

Winnipeg Jets Side

This one is a pretty simple one to analyze on the Winnipeg Jets side so I will be brief. Nathan Beaulieu has struggled on the ice and has not been healthy this season. So, why not clear cap space by trading him to a team that is willing to buy at the deadline and get some future value to help build the team. That is what the Winnipeg Jets did making this trade.

Pittsburgh Penguins Side

Well now this is a risky move for the Pittsburgh Penguins to make. Especially as Nathan Beaulieu has been dealing with a lower-body injury since March 9 and was on injury reserve list. On a side note I keep saying this but the NHL really needs to change the way they classify injuries. Especially as we don’t know what specific part of the lower body is hurt. The Penguins did need to get some depth on defense and Nathan Beaulieu could use a change of scenery due to his poor performances. So why not give it a shot and make a trade acquiring him. What is the worst the Penguins can loose a 7th round pick that they might not have to transfer.

The Stats in Question

Grades for Nathan Beaulieu Trade
Winnipeg Jets: A
Pittsburgh Penguins: B+

This is a win-win trade but I for now am giving the win to the Winnipeg Jets. The Jets get cap space, a conditional draft pick, and gained an extra roster spot on their team. For the Penguins they don’t loose in it either as they take a chance on a depth piece for there defense. The Penguins don’t loose much excluding a potential draft pick and 1.3 million in cap space. Great move by Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff and solid move by Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ron Hextall.

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