Trade Grade: Washington Wizards trade Rui Hachimura to the Los Angeles Lakers

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Well, the NBA Trade Deadline is coming up and there is going to be a lot of players moved in the next few weeks. One player who has been mentioned on the trade block has been moved and his name is Rui Hachimura. The Washington Wizards have traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers in a deal involving draft picks and Kendrick Nunn. The full details of this trade is down below.

Washington Wizards Acquire: G Kendrick Nunn, 2023 2nd Round Pick (Chicago Bulls), A Conditional 2028 2nd Round,  2029 2nd Round Pick (Los Angeles Lakers)
Los Angeles Lakers Acquire: F Rui Hachimura

*Conditions for the 2028 2nd Round Pick –The Pick is going to be who ever is the less favorable between the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Lakers

Washington Wizards Side

Let’s be honest, it was no longer an if, but when Rui Hachimura was going to get traded. He was not going to be in the long term plans of the Wizards with how contract negotiations were going. I was shocked the Wizards did not trade him during the 2022 NBA Draft as there were rumors that they both were not even close to a deal.

Hachimura is not a terrible player for the Wizards, but as a Lottery Pick he has definitely disappointed. With yet another disappointing season the Wizards are looking at the future and with Hachimura obviously not in there plans for the future they got resources to help with the future. 

Getting Kendrick Nunn is not terrible as he is extra depth at guard. Not only that, but he will be a cheaper option when it comes to extending players. Nunn is not terrible, but he was not a fit in the Lakers system and needed a change of scenery. 

I would definitely be disappointed if I was a Wizards fan that they could not get at least a 1st rounder in a deal involving Hachimura, but getting multiple 2nd round draft picks could be useful in future deals. That Bulls 2nd could potentially be a high pick depending on how the season goes too which is a plus.

Los Angeles Lakers Side

It has been noted many times that I am not a fan of what the Lakers have been doing the past few years. Especially with the many questionable moves that they have made via trades. However, with this trade involving Hachimura, I really like this move a lot for the Lakers. One of the major issues with the Lakers is the lack of youth and over reliance on ring chasers. Hachimura is a player that could be come the future of the franchise if he regains the skills that made him a Top 10 Draft Choice. They desperately needed to get a forward on this team with the injuries to Anthony Davis and Lonnie Walker. 

Getting rid of Kendrick Nunn is not a big loss as they already have a ton of depth and players there including Dennis Schroder, Austin Reaves, Patrick Beverley, Russell Westbrook. Plus the Lakers were already planning to move on from Nunn, so at least they got something for Nunn then loosing him for nothing, 

Trading three 2nd round picks kind of hurts as the Lakers don’t have a ton of draft capital, but LeBron made it clear that a move had to be made.

The Lakers want to compete to get another championship and let’s be real 2nd Round Picks are not super valuable in obtaining that goal for the Lakers. Making this trade gets the Lakers youth, a nice piece to have at foroward, and keeps LeBron happy. Not bad Lakers.

Grades for Rui Hachimura Trade
Washington Wizards: B
Los Angeles Lakers: A

I like the deal for both teams, but I am going to give the higher grade to the Los Angeles Lakers. They finally get some much needed youth and forward help while Lonnie Walker and Anthony Davis heal from there injuries. The Wizards don’t loose either as they get out of extending Hachimura, get extra draft capital and get some solid depth in Kendrick Nunn. Overall good moves by both Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka and Washington Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard. 

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