Trade Grade: Vancouver Canucks trade Travis Hamonic to the Ottawa Senators

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There were a ton of trades that were announced during the trade deadline. Sometimes trades are done for teams to get rid of players that don’t fit the team on and off the ice. Others teams during the trade deadline want to take a chance on players that might need a change of scenery. This is one of those trades as the Vancouver Canucks decided to make a deal with the Ottawa Senators on a trade involving goalie Travis Hamonic.

Vancouver Canucks Acquire: 2022 3rd Round Pick
Ottawa Senators Acquire: D Travis Hamonic

Vancouver Canucks Side

The Canucks have been dealing with many issues with Travis Hamonic on and off the ice. On the ice Hamonic has not performed well and has been dealing with a lot of injuries this season. Off the ice is another issue as many Canucks players were not happy with him in the locker room and were in high spirits when news came that he was being traded. Heck at one point the Canucks placed Hamonic on waivers in October so the fact they got a mid round pick for him is just impressive. A big benefit to this trade for the Canucks is that they did not have to retain any salary making this deal. So they save 3 million in salary this year and next year.

Ottawa Senators Side

Ottawa, what are you doing? Why are you trading for a declining Travis Hamonic? Ottawa is in rebuilding mode right now and Travis Hamonic is not the future especially as he is 31 years old. Sacrificing a 3rd round pick for him is also an overpayment for the way that he has been playing lately. Maybe they believe that a change of scenery is going to help, but I thought this when the Canucks signed him. It doesn’t help as well that Hamonic was not liked by many players in Vancouver and could cause locker room problems acquiring him. That makes this deal even more confusing along with the not having some of Hamonic’s salary retained by the Canucks.

The Stats in Question

Grades for  Travis Hamonic Trade
Vancouver Canucks: A+ 
Ottawa Senators: D-

Vancouver should be thanking the Ottawa Senators for agreeing to this trade. The Canucks get rid of a locker room distraction, clear cap space without retaining salary, and getting an extra draft pick to help build the team. As for Ottawa I have no idea why they would even do this trade except acquiring depth on defense. The Senators did not have to make this trade at all. Great move by Vancouver Canucks GM Patrik Allvin and intriguing move by Ottawa Senators GM Pierre Dorion.

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