Trade Grade: Utah Jazz trade Patrick Beverley to the Los Angeles Lakers

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With the NBA Season beginning in a few months, teams are trying to make trades to improve there team. Some teams the goal is in mind to win an NBA Championship and with other teams there goal is to rebuild for the future. That is why teams have already made trades before a single game has been trade. Like the Utah Jazz did by trading Patrick Beverley to the Los Angeles Lakers. The details of the trade are listed down below.

Trade Details
Utah Jazz:
SG Talen Horton-Tucker and SF/PF Stanley Johnson
Los Angeles Lakers: PG Patrick Beverley

Utah Jazz Side

Not a surprising move that the Jazz traded Beverley away. They showed that they were starting there rebuild when they traded Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Speaking of which in that deal the Jazz acquire Beverley and we all knew he was not going to be a Jazz long term. Beverley is 34 years old and it is clear that he was not going to be a part of this team in there rebuild or long term. So why not trade him for future value and they got it by acquiring Talen Horton-Tucker who is a promising prospect to watch for in the next few seasons . If he develops well, he should be one of the pieces to help rebuild the Jazz. My one nitpick is that the Jazz did not get a draft pick in the deal, but I would take 2 young players in a heartbeat during a rebuild.

Los Angeles Lakers Side

When I first read this trade I legit laughed. Especially how it has been known for years that Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook hate each other. Not only that but they gave up Talen Horton Tucker a promising prospect and Stanley Johnson. Now many feel the overpayment on this deal is strictly on Horton-Tucker due to obvious reasons, but Stanley Johnson was a bright spot for the Lakers last season. Johnson was getting better with the Lakers and it was just too early for the team to move him.

I will say one thing despite the overpayment and Beverley’s bad relationship with Westbrook, the Lakers needed help defensively. They have had this need since the organization lowballed Alex Caruso in contract negotiations years ago. The Lakers want to get one more NBA Championship before LeBron’s contract is over in 2024 and while Anthony Davis is on the court. They needed to make a move to help defensively since it is clear Kyrie won’t be coming to Los Angeles. Patrick Beverley can be that player as his strength on an NBA Team is in his defensive skills.

Grades for Patrick Beverley Trade
Utah Jazz: B+
Los Angeles Lakers: C

I have to give the higher grade to the Utah Jazz. They got rid of an older player the team clearly was not going to utilize. For two younger players that could be a part of there team long term. Look I get the trade on the Lakers side, but they overpaid getting Beverley and I am not so sure Westbrook and Beverley will get along with each other as teammates. If the Lakers can get out of Westbrook’s contract I would feel better about this deal, but that is a big if. Especially now that Talen Horton-Tucker is gone, the Lakers don’t have a ton of assets to get out of Westbrook’s contract. But with Beverley’s defense this could be the final piece the Lakers have been seeking for since they lowballed Alex Caruso in contract negotiations. Overall good move by both Utah Jazz GM Justin Zanik and Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka.

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