Trade Grade: Toronto Raptors trade Goran Dragic to the San Antonio Spurs

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Toronto Raptors
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The NBA Trade Deadline was on February 10th, 2022 and I expected many transactions to occur especially trade. Well another transaction occurred with a trade involving Goran Dragic between the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs.

Toronto Raptors Acquire: PF Thaddeus Young, PF/C Drew Eubanks and a 2022 Secound Round Pick (Detroit Pistons)
San Antonio Spurs Acquire: PG Goran Dragic and a protected 2022 First Round Pick (Toronto Raptors)

Toronto Raptors Side

The Toronto Raptors had to get depth players at the trade deadline that has playmaking abilities and good defense. Thaddeus Young can be the player that they were looking for as he is very vesitile and can be a solid part of the rotation for the Raptors. As for Drew Eubanks he was just a throw in, he wont be on the Raptors long (UPDATE: Eubanks has officially been waived). Even though the Raptors downgraded from a first round pick to a second round pick they benefit salary wise. Making this move the Raptors avoid the luxury tax penalty that they would have payed. The Raptors also create a trade exception of around 5.3 million dollars which can be useful in the future for the team.

San Antonio Spurs Side

The Spurs Moving Thaddeus Young during the trade deadline was not a surprise at all. The Spurs were barley utilizing him at all so why not get value for him. Especially as the Spurs are in a rebuild. This trade was mainly focused on acquiring draft capital. Not in acquiring Goran Dragic who I would be shocked if he was not bought out of his contract sooner rather than later. For the First round pick they acquired there are protections. So for 2022 it is Top 14 protected and in 2023 it is then Top 13 protected. If the pick does not convert in 2022 or 2023 then it becomes future Second round draft picks. If the Toronto Raptors handle business this season and make the playoffs which I believe they will then the Raptors pick will likely convert in thus upcoming draft class.

Grades for the Goran Dragic Trade
Toronto Raptors: B
San Antonio Spurs: C+

This is another win-win trade for both teams here but i will give the advantage to the Toronto Raptors as this helps for there playoff push and gain more money salary wise. For the San Antonio Spurs they get extra draft capital and get value for a player they were not going to keep for the long term. Overall solid move by both teams in this trade.

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