Trade Grade: Seattle Kraken trade Mason Appleton to the Winnipeg Jets

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There were many trades that occurred during the NHL Trade Deadline. Some teams want to rebuild and others want to bolster their team in the fight for a playoffs pot. In this trade it is between both the Seattle Kraken and Winnipeg Jets involving Mason Appleton.

Seattle Kraken Acquire: 2023 4th Round Pick
Winnipeg Jets Acquire: F Mason Appleton

Seattle Kraken Side

Mason Appleton was a player I thought was going to be a sneaky good pick for the Kraken during their expansion draft. Appleton has been a terrible pick but very disappointing. He has not been the most consistent player but still has moments of flashes during his tenure with the Kraken. Seattle is rebuilding and are going to need draft picks to help with their rebuild. It was not likely that the Kraken were going to resign Appleton. So, why not acquire some value for him. The Kraken did get a mid round pick for him, however the Kraken should have gotten a lot more value out of him. Even though Appleton has 1 year left on his deal, with his salary and potential the Kraken should have gotten him multiple draft picks in this deal.

Winnipeg Jets Side

He’s Back. Mason Appleton returns to the Winnipeg Jets after a brief stint with the Seattle Kraken. If many don’t remember, the Seattle Kraken took Appleton in their expansion draft. The Jets needed to get help getting another shooter on the third line and it also helps that Appleton can be solid on defense as well. Appleton is a solid depth piece that could use a change of scenery as he was clearly not working out in Seattle. He is young and still has potential in the NFL and he is worth the risk trading a mid round pick for him.

The Stats in Question

Grades for Mason Appleton Trade
Seattle Kraken: B
Winnipeg Jets: B+

It is a win-win trade for both teams, but I am going to give the Winnipeg Jets the higher grade in this deal. The Jets got Appleton back, bolster the depth for their push to get a playoff spot, and only gave up a mid round pick for the trouble. The Kraken don’t loose in this deal either as they get extra cap space, a roster spot, and get a draft pick to help build for the future. I do believe the Kraken could of gotten more trading Appleton. Overall Great move by Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff and Seattle Kraken GM Ron Francis.

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