Trade Grade: San Antonio Spurs trade Derrick White to the Boston Celtics

San Antonio Spurs’ Derrick White passes the ball around New Orleans Pelicans’ E’Twaun Moore during the first half of an NBA basketball game at The Field House.
Image Credit: (Pool Photo/USA Today Sports)

The NBA Trade Deadline was on February 10th, 2022 and I expected many transactions to occur especially trade. Well another transaction occurred during the deadline between the Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs involving Derrick White.

San Antonio Spurs Acquire: SF/SG Josh Richardson, SG Romeo Langford, a Top 4 Protected 2022 First round Pick, 2028 First round pick swap
Boston Celtics Acquire: SG/PG Derrick White

San Antonio Spurs Side

The Spurs are a team that is entering a rebuild and it was clear that Derrick White was not going to be a part of their team for the long term. Especially as the Spurs have a ton of talent at the guard position so why not get some value for Derrick White. Josh Richardson is a great player to have on the team but I would not get too attached as I have a feeling that he might get traded during the offseason. Romeo Langford is a good addition to the San Antonio Spurs and still has potential. The problem is that Langford can’t stay healthy. But will get a deeper look with the spurs and have more minutes which will help his development. The Spurs also benefit increasing their draft capital. This year the Spurs will have three first round picks as a result of this deal (Own Pick, Toronto’s Pick, and now Bostons pick). The pick is protected but it is likely that the pick will convert as the Celtics should make the playoffs this year and even if they are in the lottery it is not likely that they will win the lottery. The Spurs also have the ability to pick swap in 2028 and who knows how both teams will look at that time.

Boston Celtics Side

The Boston Celtics desperately needed to get a point guard during the deadline. Marcus Smart is a good point guard but there is not really much behind him. The Celtics needed another point guard that could be a playmaker and someone who can make strong passes. Derrick White can be that player. Now Derrick White is not the best shooter, but you want to know where Derrick White shines the most, on defense. With his addition on the Boston Celtics it just made their defense look scarier. I mean they were already at one point the third best defense in the league. Imagine how much stronger their defense will be with the addition of Derrick White on this team.

Grades for Derrick White Trade
San Antonio Spurs: B+
Boston Celtics: B

Solid move for both teams but I am going to give the Spurs the hire grade here. Especially as Derrick White was not going to be a part of their team long term and they got nice value for him to help rebuild the team. The Celtics get stronger on defense and the Celtics needed to get another guard on there team. Overall a win-win deal for both teams.

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