Trade Grade: Portland Trail Blazers trade Robert Covington and Norman Powell to the Los Angeles Clippers

Robert Covington, a forward on the Portland Trail Blazers, will participate in the skills challenge during the All-Star festivities this weekend in Atlanta.
Image Credit: (Rich Pedroncelli/New York Times)

The NBA Trade Deadline is on February 10th, 2022 and I expect there to be many trades that occur in the next few days. Another trade occurred between the Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Clippers. The trade involves both Robert Covington and Norman Powell.

Portland Trail Blazers acquire: PG Eric Bledsoe, SF/PG Justise Winslow, SG Keon Johnson, and a 2025 second round pick (Detroit Pistons)
Los Angeles Clippers acquire: SF/PF Robert Covington and SG Norman Powell

Portland Trail Blazers Side
The Trail Blazers received too little in value as a result of this trade. Talent wise Covington and Powell are better than Bledsoe, Winslow, and Johnson. Justise Winslow has been a disappointment since he left the Miami Heat and I doubt he and Eric Bledsoe will be here for the long term. The only part of this deal for the Trail Blazers that I like is that they got Keon Johnson in the deal as he could be something being 19 years old and if developed properly he could be a great player of the future. I can’t believe that the Trail Blazers could not get a few more draft picks in this trade as well. I feel the Trail Blazers were more interested in getting more salary relief for moving on from Norman Powell’s contract to get under the luxury tax.

Los Angeles Clippers Side:

The Los Angeles Clippers needed to make a move during the trade deadline. Especially as it is unclear when Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will be retuning on the court for the Clippers. In order to be competitive they needed to find replacements for both until they come back and I feel like they did acquiring both Robert Covington and Norman Powell. While Covington is 31 he still has plenty of gas left in the tank and he can be a great piece to the Clippers defense. Powell while his contract looks awful can be a great rotational piece for the Clippers to utilize. The only negative in this deal is that the Clippers will now be above the luxury tax and will likely have to pay a penalty which it seems the Clippers are willing to do. Plus the Clippers don’t have to give up too much as Bledsoe and Winslow were not going to be a part of the Clippers for the long term.

Grades for Robert Covington and Norman Powell Trade
Portland Trail Blazers: C-

Los Angeles Clippers: A

No question who wins this trade here. The Clippers go all in on their playoff push getting value for the team while Kawhi Leonard and Paul George recover from their injuries. The Clippers did not have to give up too much excluding a bump in their luxury tax. The Trail Blazers get salary relief and a getting a prospect in Keon Johnson but they could have gotten more value for Covington and Powell. But I doubt this is the end of the Trail Blazers making moves. Overall great move by the Los Angeles Clippers.

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