Trade Grade: Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints agree to trade multiple picks

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There have been a lot of crazy trades that have happened during this offseason. If I was to describe this trade in one word, I would use the word bizarre. It is very rare that football fans get this type of trade as it normally happens during the NFL Draft. The New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles decided to make a trade involving multiple draft picks.

New Orleans Saints Acquire: 2022 1st Round Pick (16th Overall), 2022 1st Round Pick (19th Overall), and 2022 6th Round Pick (194th Overall)
Philadelphia Eagles Acquire: 2022 1st Round Pick (18th Overall), 2022 3rd Round Pick (101st Overall), 2022 7th Round Pick (237th Overall), 2023 1st Round Pick, and 2024 2nd Round Pick

New Orleans Saints Side

I am lost with this move by the New Orleans Saints. What are they thinking? Why are they trading future draft picks for a mid 1st round pick that is a two selection upgrade from their original pick? I have no idea what they are thinking. This is a complete overpayment by the New Orlean Saints and I don’t know if the Saints have a franchise QB at this moment. The 2023 NFL Draft is full of talented QB’s who could become their franchise QB. It is interesting to see what their plan is but this move is a head scratcher.

Philadelphia Eagles Side

I guess the Eagles are going to make these types of trades a yearly thing. Remember last year they made a trade with Miami moving from picking 6th overall to 12th overall in order to get more 1st round picks. I really live this deal for the Eagles for three reasons. First, involves the salary cap as it would be hard keeping three first round picks under contract. Second, is that the Saints first round pick in 2023 is likely going to be a high 1st Round pick. This is not a Sean Payton coached team anymore as due to him stepping down at coach it is now Dennis Allen’s team. Allen has not had a good track record as a head coach and New Orleans lost a lot of talent in this offseason. Third, the 2023 Draft is going to have a lot of talented players especially at the QB position. Now I am a pro Jalen Hurts guy but if he flops again this season then the Eagles can use that pick to select a new QB.

Grades for Draft Picks Swap
New Orleans Saints: D –
Philadelphia Eagles: A+

There is no question that the Philadelphia Eagles win this trade. They get more draft capital and a potential option at a backup plan for the QB position if Jalen Hurts flops. The Saints I am just perplexed on what the heck they are doing making this move. Overall great move by Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman and perplexing move by New Orleans Saints GM Mickey Loomis.

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