Trade Grade: New York Jets trade Blake Cashman to the Houston Texans

Image Credit: (Tyler Calveruso/USA Today Sports)

With NFL Free Agency officially here, a lot of transactions have occurred. Not only signings but trades as well. The New York Jets and Houston Texans have recently come to an agreement on a trade involving LB Blake Cashman.

Houston Texans Acquire: LB Blake Cashman
New York Jets Acquire: 2023 6th Round Pick.

Houston Texans Side

When I saw the Texans make this deal, I laughed. They traded a 6th round pick for a guy who has durability issues and stinks when he is on the field. Cashman has played 14/49 games in the past three seasons for the Jets. Yes, he had moments of flashes but it doesn’t help that he can barely get on the field due to his injuries. Do you want to know the best part? The Jets traded a 6th round pick for Shaq Lawson, who was healthy this season. So, basically we swapped Blake Cashman for Shaq Lawson.

New York Jets Side

The Jets knew that they were going nowhere with Cashman as he could not stay healthy. Heck, the Jets were likely going to cut Cashman, either in the aftermath of the draft or during the preseason. The fact that they got a 6th draft pick for him is honestly shocking to me. I thought that the Jets were going to get a conditional 7th for him. Kudos to Joe Douglas for getting a 6th rounder for Cashman.

Grades for Blake Cashman Trade
Houston Texans: HACKENBURG
New York Jets: A+

This is an easy trade to grade. Jets win this trade, no question. They got a draft pick for a guy who can’t stay healthy and has not performed well when he is on the field. In regards to the Houston Texans, I have no idea what they are doing. Then again, Jack Easterby is still there for some reason. Can someone please explain why again? The Texans did not need to trade a pick for a guy who was going to get cut in the preseason. FYI: a Hackenburg grade is my version of an F as an homage to Christian Hackenburg, one of the worst choices in New York Jets history. Great job by Jets GM Joe Douglas in this deal.

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