Trade Grade: New England Patriots trade N’Keal Harry to the Chicago Bears

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The NFL Season may not be a few months, training camp is about to start at the end of the year. Teams are going to start preparing for the NFL Season, but it is a time where they determine who belongs and who doesn’t. The Patriots have realized even before training camp that WR N’Keal Harry is not a part of this team long term, so they placed him on the trading block. So they ended up making a trade with the Chicago Bears involving N’Keal Harry.

Trade Details
New England Patriots receive: 2024 7th Round Pick
Chicago Bears receive: WR N’Keal Harry

New England Patriots Side

Pretty easy to analyze the Patriots side. N’Keal Harry has been a complete bust since the New England Patriots drafted him 32nd overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. Harry has requested a trade from the team for many months. The wide receiver core in New England is crowded and it was highly likely the Patriots were going to cut him. So why not get some value for him, then loosing him for nothing.

Chicago Bears Side

The Chicago Bears desperately needed to surround Justin Fields with receivers. They really failed to do that and they clearly don’t have a number 1 receiver on the team. No disrespect to Darnell Mooney who has shown promise and had a 1,000 yard season. But besides him the Bears had nothing. Yes I know they drafted Velus Jones in the 3rd round, but I saw him as a 6th round prospect. But the Bears brining in Harry doesn’t help solve it that much as Harry has been abysmal throughout his time with the Patriots. Now it is a 7th round pick which is worth a chance for Harry.

Grades for N’Keal Harry Trade
New England Patriots: A+
Chicago Bears: C

Easy win for the Patriots here. They get cap space and secure a draft pick for a player that they were going to cut in a few months. The Bears well its another reciever for Justin Fields, but he is not a great reciever. It is worth it for a 7th round choice. Great move by Patriots GM/Head Coach Bill Belichick and interesting move by Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles.

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