Trade Grade: New England Patriots and Houston Texans agree to trade late round picks

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With the 2022 NFL Draft beginning in a few days, there are going to be a lot of trades that are going to be a lot of trades involving draft picks. Some involve high draft picks, but there are also trades that involve later round picks. However, if there is one word to describe this trade, it would be bizarre. This trade involves the New England Patriots and Houston Texans.

New England Patriots Acquire: 2022 6th Round Pick (183rd Overall) and 2022 7th Round Pick (245th Overall)
Houston Texans Acquire: 2022 5th Round Pick (170th Overall)

New England Patriots Side

This one is simple and its pretty easy to give analysis for New England’s side. The Patriots had plenty of 5th round draft picks. Moving down 13 spots and getting another late round pick to grow the amount of draft capital. I mean, this is a win-win for the Patriots to add more players on their team.

Houston Texans Side

This has got to be the weirdest time to make this trade. Then again, the Texans have had a weird approach to what they have been doing for the past few years. Makes sense as Jack Easterby is still a part of the Texans organization for some reason. Why? I have no idea. I am not going to complain too much, as it is a late round nothing trade. But I have to ask, Houston, you do realize the only way to fix the many needs on the team is via the draft? Especially, as you basically did next to nothing during free agency. I get quality over quantity, but with how this team is built right now, I would take the quantity over the quality. Moving up 13 spots and giving up a late 7th round pick is not the end of the world. I wonder if this move was just a way to give a gift to Bill Belichick as Nick Caserio and Jack Easterby are Belichick disciples in the executive board.

Grades for Draft Picks Trade
Houston Texans
: C+
New England Patriots: A

Easy win for the New England Patriots here. They get an extra pick and only have to move 13 spots down. The Texans don’t completely lose as they get a more valuable pick, but with the Texans having a ton of needs, they need a lot of draft picks to help with their rebuild. Overall solid move by New England Patriots GM/HC Bill Belichick and Texans GM Nick Caserio. But again, I want to ask, why is Jack Easterby still a part of the Texans organization?

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