Trade Grade: Montreal Canadians Trade Michael McNiven to the Calgary Flames

Image Credit: (James Guillory/USA Today Sports)

In my “10 NHL Players Who Could be moved at the Trade Deadline” I had number 1 on the list anybody on the Montreal Canadians. Especially as they are rebuilding and well the Canadians are at it again as they made a deal with the Calgary Flames involving Goaltender Michael McNiven.

Montreal Canadians Acquire: Future Considerations
Calgary Flames Acquire: G Michael McNiven

Montreal Canadians Side

The Montreal Canadians are in selling mode as this season is a wash and they want to acquire as many resources as they can to help with their rebuild. They are focused on the future and McNiven was not going to be a part of the future. It was clear as well that Michael McNiven was unhappy with the Canadians and wanted out of the the team. So why not move him to a different via trade and get some value. Plus moving him opens up another contract to add on the roster which could help in acquiring bad contracts in exchange for draft picks and prospects.

Calgary Flames Side

I don’t know what the Calgary Flames are trying to accomplish with this trade as Michael McNiven is an AHL caliber goalie. Maybe the Flames wanted to bolster the Goaltender depth in the AHL or give McNiven a fresh start after his disastrous NHL Debut where he allowed three goals on seven shots against the Minnesota Wild. But its clear that they saw something in him. I wonder what they gave upo in the deal but again we don’t know as it is for Future considerations.

Grades for Michael McNiven Trade
Montreal Canadians: A
Calgary Flames: C

Normally I would not grade a team that is receiving Future Considerations as it is an unknown as to what is in the deal. But I decided to make an exception here. Especially as the Canadians are in Firesale mode willing to make many deals in the trade deadline to help with the rebuild. The Flames get goalie depth for the AHL squad but they could have easily done that by signing a player that is a free agent. So I am going to give leverage in the win here for the Montreal Canadians.

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