Trade Grade: Miami Dolphins Trade DeVante Parker to the New England Patriots

Image Credit: (Sam Navarro/USA Today)

It is crazy with how many players that have been moved during the offseason. Well. were not done yet, as now WR DeVante Parker is being moved as the Miami Dolphins have come to an agreement trading him to the New England Patriots.

By the way around 15 years ago The Dolphins made a sort of made similar move trading a WR for salary reasons to New England. Want to know who that receiver was? Wes Welker.

Miami Dolphins Acquire: 2023 3rd Round Pick
New England Patriots Acquire: WR DeVante Parker and 2022 5th Round Pick

Miami Dolphins Side

When the Dolphins Acquired Tyreek Hill via trade, I knew that signaled the end for DeVante Parker tenure with the Miami Dolphins. Jaylen Waddle wasn’t going anywhere as he was a 1st round pick that impressed last season and the Dolphins decided to overpay and sign Cedrick Wilson to a three-year, $22.8 million contract. The player on his way out was clearly Devante Parker and the Dolphins wanted to get rid of his contract as it involves a 2 year deal where in 2022 he makes 5.65 million in base salary and 5.7 Million in base salary for 2023. In each year there is a 500,000 roster bonus. This was mainly done as a salary dump as they upgrade a 5th round pick into a 3rd round choice.

New England Patriots Side

Ever since Julian Edelman retired the Patriots have failed to find a true # 1 receiver on their team. Jakobi Myers and Kendrick Bourne showed promise but I don’t see them as the #1 receiver. Wide Receiver was a big need for the team as it gives QB Mac Jones more targets to throw the football too. So why not make a trade to fill a big need. I believe they did that by acquiring Parker and the best part is that the Patriots did not sacrifice much to acquire him as they only move down two round in the draft. This trade should end the N’Keal Harry experiment who has not worked out for the Patriots after they used a 1st round pick on him in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Grades for Devante Parker Trade
Miami Dolphins: C
New England Patriots: A

There is no debate here as the New England Patriots win this deal. They desperately needed a number 1 receiver on this team and Parker has the talent to be a number one receiver. The Patriots did not loose much as they only downgrade a single draft pick 2 rounds. The Dolphins don’t completely loose as they get out of Devante Parker’s bad contract but the Dolphins could have gotten more value for him. But overall great move by New England Patriots GM/HC Bill Belichick and Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier.

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