Trade Grade: Indianapolis Colts trade Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders

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Wow, the NFL Free Agency period is not officially starting until March 16 but another trade has just been announced involving the Quarterback position. Both the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Commanders have agreed on a trade involving Carson Wentz.

Indianapolis Colts Acquire: 2022 2nd Round pick (42nd Overall), a 2022 3rd Round Pick (73rd Overall), and a conditional 2023 3rd Round Pick
Washington Commanders Acquire: QB Carson Wentz and a 2022 2nd Round Pick (47th Overall)

Now the conditions of the 2023 3rd round pick are that it can transfer into a 2nd round pick of that year but only if Carson Wentz plays 70 percent of plays.

Indianapolis Colts Side

It was not when the Indianapolis Colts were going to part ways with Carson Wentz but how. I thought the Colts were going to be releasing Wentz or pull an Osweiler Effect move on him. I would never in a million years think the Colts got the deal that they did here. I’m going to make this simple, as it is easy to see the Colts side. They were going to cut Carson Wentz but they basically got two 3rd round picks (a second if Wentz plays 70% of Snaps) and got much needed salary cap space. The Colts should be sending weekly gifts for the entire next season to the Washington Commanders just for them making this deal.

Washington Commanders Side

Uhhh Washington? You do realize the Colts were going to be cutting Carson Wentz right. This deal shows how desperate the Washington Commanders are. First off, this move was only made because Russell Wilson refused to go here. As news came out that the Seahawks had to deny a blockbuster move involving 3 first round picks because of Wilson having a no-trade clause in his contract. Second, this is a complete overpay for a quarterback who mentally and physically has not been the same since tearing his ACL in 2017. I really thought Wentz would succeed in Indianapolis but it did not turn out well, and heck, he even injured both of his ankles at one point. Third and this is why I hate this deal for Washington, is that they will be paying the entire contract of Carson Wentz. Wentz has a cap hit of $28.3M in 2022, $26.1M in 2023, and $27.3M in 2024. Washington legit could have waited a few days until the Colts released him and then signed Wentz to a new contract. Now, they did need a quarterback as Taylor Heinicke is not the guy long term, but at least Heinicke has a 2.875 million dollar cap hit.

Grades for Carson Wentz Trade
Indianapolis Colts: A+
Washington Commanders: D-

No question here that the Indianapolis Colts won this trade. They basically robbed the Washington Commanders for two 3rd round picks (Maybe a 2nd if Wentz plays 70% of Snaps) and got out of an awful contract. For Washington, they lose much needed draft capital and wrecked their salary cap. I was debating giving this move an F but Washington needed a quarterback so it gets a D-. Great move by Indianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard.

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