Trade Grade: Indiana Pacers trade Domantas Sabonis to the Sacramento Kings in a six player trade.

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The NBA Trade Deadline is on February 10th, 2022 and I expect many transactions to occur especially trades. One team that already has been active during the trade deadline is the Indiana Pacers. Earlier they traded Caris LeVert to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now another trade just came out involving the Indiana Pacers and the Sacramento Kings. The Trade involves Domantas Sabonis and Jeremy Lamb of the Indiana Pacers plus Buddy Hield and Tyrese Haliburton of the Sacramento Kings. You can see the details of this trade underneath.

Indiana Pacers acquire: PG/SG Tyrese Haliburton, SF/SG Buddy Hield, PF/C Tristan Thompson
Sacramento Kings acquire: PF/C Domantas Sabonis, SG/SF Justin Holiday, SG/SF Jeremy Lamb, and a 2027 Second round pick (Indiana Pacers)

Indiana Pacers Side
The Pacers see the writing on the wall and they knew that something had to change. The team already traded Caris LeVert earlier and now the Pacers decided to move on from Domantas Sabonis and Jeremy Lamb. Deals like this are good ones when looking for the future of the team because in the present this team is not good. The big piece that the Pacers acquired here is Tyrese Hailburton who if he continues to develop well and continues to shine as a playmaker he should be a long term player for the Pacers. Buddy Hield is also a good get but I have a feeling that the Pacers could also move him during the trade deadline. But if not Buddy Hield would be a great benefit as a rotational player. In regards to Tristen Thompson I would not be shocked if they decided to buy him out as Thompson is no longer the player he was and the Pacers can afford the buyout.

Sacramento Kings Side
Now this is not a completely terrible move for the Sacramento Kings to make as it is clear that they want to build around De’Aaron Fox. The Problem is the Kings gave up way too much to acquire Domantas Sabonis. I am not faulting Domantas Sabonis as he is still a great player but the Kings could have easily gotten him in a more even trade by paying less. Buddy Field was expected to be traded but they gave up way too early on Tyrese Haliburton. Despite my concerns with the team overpaying for Sabonis I can’t deny that both Jeremy Lamb and Justin Holiday are solid shooting depth pieces to have on a team so they did receive decent value acquiring both players.

Grades for Domantas Sabonis Trade
Indiana Pacers: A
Sacramento Kings: C

I don’t think this is a completely terrible deal for the Kings but it is clear that the Pacers get the better end of the deal here and win this trade. The Pacers are investing in the future of the team and this deal proved it. Especially as Sabonis, Holiday, and Lamb are not the future of the team. But great move made by the Indiana Pacers and we will see what the Sacramento Kings do next.

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