Trade Grade: Houston Rockets trade C Christian Wood to the Dallas Mavericks

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While watching the NBA Finals, I saw a notification on my phone where another trade was made in the NBA. The trade has been made between the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. It involves C Christian Wood who was a player many saw being the moved in the offseason. The details of the trade are down below.

Houston Rockets Acquire: C Boban Marjanovic, SF/SG Sterling Brown, PG Trey Burke, PF Marquese Chriss, 2022 1st Round Pick (26th overall)
Dallas Mavericks Acquire: C Christian Wood

Houston Rockets Side

That is it? That is all you can get for Christian Wood. Boban Marjanovic has been a solid player in the NBA for years, but he turns 34 in August and is not the future of this team. Trey Burke is not the future due to turning 30 years old in November. Burke is a salary dump. I mean Marquese Chriss can’t stay healthy and I doubt he is on the roster for next season. Even when he was healthy he was not doing much for the Mavericks. The 1st Round Pick for this year is fine as they can select a young prospect and try to develop him on this team. But, that pick is for this years draft. The Mavericks pick is a late one and it is basically a lottery ticket.

Out of all the assets they got I did not have any complaints with Sterling Brown. He is currently 27 years old and should be a solid rotational guy for the Rockets on there rebuild. At least the Rockets got something for Christian Wood as he had one year left on his deal and it was unlikely he was going to sign a new deal.

Dallas Mavericks Side

The Mavericks had two goals during the offseason. The first is to sign Jalen Brunson and we will see with that one. The second one is to surround Luka Doncic with players. The Mavericks did that by acquiring Wood who has had strong back to back seasons with the Houston Rockets. Wood is versatile on offense, solid on defense, can create opportunities, and can create space. Wood can even help in getting rebounds as he showed flashes during his time in Houston.

The best part of this deal is that Wood has one year left on his deal and it is worth 14.3 million dollars. If this does not work, the Mavericks can easily get out of his contract. Plus the Mavericks did not give up much in this deal as well.

Grades for Christian Wood Trade
Houston Rockets: D
Dallas Mavericks: A

No question that the Mavericks win this trade. The Mavericks did not give up much in order to acquire Christian Wood who should be a nice piece to surround Luka Doncic. For the Rockets it is not an F grade, due to acquiring a 1st round pick and a solid rotational player in Sterling Brown. But, the Rockets could have gotten a lot more for Christian Wood. Overall great move by Mavericks GM Nico Harrison and interesting move by Rockets GM Rafael Stone.

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