Trade Grade: Green Bay Packers trade Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Wow. I thought for sure once Aaron Rodgers had re-signed with the Green Bay Packers that Davante Adams would also re-sign with the team, as well. I was shocked to hear the news that the Packers had come to an agreement on trading Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders

Green Bay Packers Acquire: 2022 1st Round Pick (22nd Overall) and 2022 2nd Round Pick (53rd Overall)
Las Vegas Raiders Acquire: WR Davante Adams

Green Bay Packers Side

I kept saying that the Green Bay Packers were so screwed entering this offseason. I was surprised Aaron Rodgers signed and knowing how close he and Davante were, I thought both were here to stay for awhile. Then I remembered that the Packers are still in cap hell and had to franchise tag Davante if they wanted to keep him for next season. All looked good until Davante refused to play on a franchise tag for the Packers and was willing to sit games unless he got a new contract extension. Obviously, the Packers could not do that as a result of their salary cap situation. So, why not get value for a player now and get out of a nasty contract holdout. In making this move, the Green Bay Packers save $20 million dollars via salary cap and get two draft picks to help build the team for next season.

Las Vegas Raiders Side

We should have known something was up the moment Davante Adams bought a new house in Las Vegas next to Derek Carr. But to be honest, one of the Las Vegas Raiders’ biggest team needs in the offseason is to find a number 1 receiver. Especially after DeSean Jackson did not work and Henry Ruggs suffered his fall from grace. I like Hunter Renfrow but he is more of a slot receiver. Davante Adams was upset that he got franchise tagged and demanded to either sign him or he won’t play the season. It was perfect for the Raiders and for the talent of Adams, they did not sacrifice too much. I mean it always is a steep bill trading a 1st and 2nd round pick but Adams is one of the best receivers in the league right now. Plus, they are going to need talented players to keep up with how competitive the AFC West will be this upcoming season. What is a bit concerning with Adams is the contract the Raiders gave him. Davante Adams signed a 5 year contract worth $141.25 million dollars where he will get around $28.25 average per year. Now keep in mind that number of average money per year is not confirmed but if it is that is a lot of money to give to Adams. If he is healthy and performs the way he did in Green Bay, then he is worth every penny.

Grades for Davante Adams Trade
Green Bay Packers: C
Las Vegas Raiders: B+

I am still stunned by this trade and while it is a hard pill to swallow, losing a 1st and 2nd round draft pick, I have to give leverage on who wins in this deal to the Las Vegas Raiders. They needed to get a speedy #1 receiver on this team after the DeSean Jackson experiment did not work and Henry Ruggs suffered his fall from grace after the tragic car crash. The Green Bay Packers, on the other hand, get out of a nasty contract and also receive two high draft picks that they are going to need. The Packers are also losing a lot of good players due to the salary cap issues they have and could use the salary relief to re-sign players. Overall great move by Las Vegas Raiders GM Dave Ziegler and decent move by Green Bay Packers GM Brian Gutekunst.

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