Trade Grade: Edmonton Oilers trade Alex Stalock to the San Jose Sharks

Image Credit (Perry Belson/USA Today Sports)

With the NHL Trade Deadline in 18 days I expect more teams to start making trades. Well one trade recently happened between the San Jose Sharks and the Edmonton Oilers involving Goaltender Alex Stalock.

Edmonton Oilers Acquire: Future Considerations
San Jose Sharks Acquire: G Alex Stalock

Edmonton Oilers Side

Despite questionable moves the Oilers has been making the past few seasons I can see why they wanted to take this deal. It is really simple to see the Oilers side if the deal as Alex Stalock was not doing much for the team and why not acquire future value that they can utilize to help build the team.

San Jose Sharks Side

The Sharks desperatly needed to get a goalie on there team. Especally as Adin Hill is coming off an injury and is still beaten up. James Reimer was pulled from the Vegas Golden Knights game with a lower body injury (The NHL has to change the way that Injuries are identified. This lower body, upper body label system is too vague). Now there is a risk in acquiring Alex Stalock as not only is he 34 years old but he missed last season due to a heart condition

Grades for Alex Stalock Trade
Edmonton Oilers: N/A
San Jose Sharks: B

The Oilers won’t get a grade here because we don’t know the specifics on the compensation that they are getting with making this deal. But I like this deal for the Sharks in the meantime as this gets them some much needed goalie help and he could immediately go to the AHL once all the Goalies are healed up. But Overall a win-win trade.

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