Trade Grade: Cleveland Browns Trade Case Keenum to the Buffalo Bills

Image Credit: (Ken Biaze/USA Today Sports)

The NFL Free Agency this season has been a blast with a lot of trades occuring between many teams especially at the QB position. This is another trade that could be added to that list as the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills have agreed on a trade involving QB Case Keenum.

Buffalo Bills Acquire: QB Case Keenum
Cleveland Browns Acquire: 2022 7th Round Pick

Buffalo Bills Side

I am not going to go long with this one. Analyzing the Bills side was a simple one as they needed a backup QB as Mitchell Trubisky was leaving the team. So why not trade a late round draft pick and get a good backup QB to replace Trubisky. Keenum is one of the most dependable backup quarterbacks in the NFL today.

Cleveland Browns Side

There was literally no reason for the Cleveland Browns to keep Case Keenum on the roster. Especially as the team signed Jacoby Brissett and acquired Watson via trade. The Browns clear around 6.1 million dollars for the salary cap making this move. Boy this team is going to need it by giving Watson a fully guaranteed contract. Especially as it has been working out so well with the Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousin My question is how in the world is Baker Mayfield still here? His value is going to plummet everyday he is on the roster.

Grades for Case Keenum Trade
Buffalo Bills: B
Cleveland Browns: B+

A win-win deal for both teams but I have to give the higher grade to the Cleveland Browns. They clear cap space, a roster spot, get a younger backup QB, and get draft capital for a player they were going to be cutting. The Bills don’t loose either as they get a dependable backup QB as Tribisky leaves for the Steelers and don’t have to sacrifice a lot of value. But the Cap hit is really holding the Bills getting the same grade in this trade. Overall great move by Bills GM Brandon Beane and Browns GM Andrew Berry.

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