Trade Grade: Cleveland Browns trade Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers

Image Credit: (John Glaser/CBS Sports)

Throughout many sports leagues, there are trades made that can be surprising or unsurprising. In regards to the recent trade involving QB Baker Mayfield, it is very unsurprising. Once the Browns acquired Deshaun Watson, Bakers time in Cleveland was done. Well the Browns finally did it, by agreeing to trade him to the Carolina Panthers.

Trade Details
Cleveland Browns Acquire: 2024 5th Round Pick
Carolina Panthers Acquire: QB Baker Mayfield

Bakers Contract – Browns pay 10.5 million and Panthers pay 5 million of his salary.

Cleveland Browns Side

There was no chance that Baker was going to play for the Cleveland Browns ever again. I don’t blame Baker at all after the team basically threw him away like trash. Honestly, Mayfield probably would have been traded earlier if it was not for the contract issue. Cleveland was preparing to pay Baker not to play and well they did it as they are going to pay a big portion of Baker’s contract. All for a 5th round draft choice as well. At least the got something for him I guess.

Carolina Panthers Side

The Panthers desperately needed to find an upgrade at QB position and they waited too long to fix it. Many say that this is telling to what they think of Sam Darnold. Which is true, but in my opinion I think this is telling to how rookie QB Matt Corral’s development is going as well. This is a brilliant deal for the Panthers. Not only are they sacrificing a late round pick, but got the Browns to pay a majority of Baker’s contract.

Grades for Baker Mayfield Trade
Cleveland Browns: C-
Carolina Panthers: A+

Carolina easily wins here as they get an upgrade at the QB position, only sacrificed a late round pick, and got to pay a portion of Bakers salary. For Cleveland at least they get out of his contract after they disrespected him by acquiring Deshaun Watson. The big winner of this trade is Baker who is now free from Cleveland and can showcase that they made a mistake letting him go. But, How ironic is it that the Panthers play the Browns Week 1. That game is now a must watch.

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