Trade Grade: Chicago Blackhawks trade Brandon Hagel to the Tampa Bay Lightning

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The NHL Trade Deadline is in three days and there should be a lot of deals that will take place for teams trying to bolstering their roster for the playoffs or for getting value for the future of their team to help rebuild. This is one of those deals and it is definitely a blockbuster one. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning have agreed to a trade involving Brandon Hagel.

Tampa Bay Lightning Acquire: F Brandon Hagel, 2022 4th Round Pick, and 2024 4th Round Pick
Chicago Blackhawks Acquire: F Boris Katchouk, F Taylor Raddysh, 2023 1st Round Pick, 2024 1st Round Pick

In regards to the draft picks both are Top 10 Protected and go as follows.
– If the 2023 1st round pick is in the Top 10 then the pick will transfer into a 1st round pick in 2025
– If the 2024 1st round pick is in the Top 10 then the pick will transfer into a 1st round pick in 2026

Tampa Bay Lightning Side

There is no question that the Tampa Bay Lighting are one of the best teams in the NHL today. But Every time I watch them perform on the ice I always feel like they are missing one piece on there team. The Lighting were clearly missing what Barclay Goodrow offered them when he was on the team. They needed another Barclay Goodrow type player on their team. I feel that they got it as Brandon Hagel as he has a strong impact on offense and defense, he can create opportunities, and he is very gritty.The best part is that Hagel is not going to be a one year rental as he has three years left on his contract and hit cap hit is affordable at 1.5 million dollars per year. Loosing two 1st round picks and good prospects stinks but it is clear the Lighting are once again going all in order to continue their dynasty. If Hagel continues to develop well then the Lightning will have yet another long term player on this team.

Chicago Blackhawks Side

Ever since the Blackhawks sex scandal was revealed this team has been broken. They have to blow it up as it was clear that they were not wining with the current core that they had and should start fresh. Getting two 1st round picks in between the years of 2023-2026 is a big plus because who knows what the Lightning will be at that time. If the dice rolls in the Blackhawks favor they could get two top 1st round picks in 2025 and 2026.

The Blackhawks also get solid prospects in Boris Katchouk and Taylor Raddysh who have a lot of potential. I think Katchouk is a bit better than Raddysh mainly because he is younger and a bit better on defense and drawing penalties. But, Raddysh is still a good prospect as he creates more opportunities on offense, is solid on defense, and plays with grit. Katchouk and Raddysh will have more opportunities to have an impact on the Chicago Blackhawks than they would have as a Tampa Bay Lightning. Both are on cheap contracts and still have three years left on their deals which is another benefit.

The Stats in Question

Grades for Brandon Hagel Trade
Tampa Bay Lightning: A-
Chicago Blackhawks: A

A win-win trade for both teams. To be honest this one was a tough one to grade but as of now I am leaving on giving the win to the Chicago Blackhawks here. Especially as they got a tremendous amount of value for Hagel by getting two solid prospects and two 1st round picks which will help with there rebuild. The Lightning don’t loose in this deal but benefit as well. They get a player that will help the team in the playoffs, Hagel will not be a one year rental, and they fill a need that was left once the team traded Barclay Goodrow to the New York Rangers. Overall Great move by Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson and Lightning GM Julien BriseBois.

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