Trade Grade: Brooklyn Nets trade PG Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks

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Well, Well, Well. We finally got a blockbuster move in the leadup to the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline. It was rumored for awhile as Kyrie was clearly not happy here, but when he recently requested a trade that pretty much signaled the end for his time with the Brooklyn Nets. With Brooklyn also getting a lot of trade requests it was no longer an if, but when Irving was being traded. Well it officially happened as Kyrie Irving has been shipped off to the Dallas Mavericks. The details of the trade are down below.

Brooklyn Nets Acquire: PG/SG Spencer Dinwiddie, PF/SF Dorian Finney-Smith, 2029 1st Round Pick, 2027 2nd Round Pick, 2029 2nd Round Pick
Dallas Mavericks Acquire: PG Kyrie Irving and PF/C Markieff Morris

Brooklyn Nets Side

I mean what a complete disaster it has been for the Brooklyn Nets during the whole Kyrie Irving Saga. He was such a tremendous distraction when it came to his many off the field issues including the Covid-19 vaccine drama, the anti-semetic documentary he supported, the many conspiracy theories he had, and etc. It was just too much and because Irving did not like where contract negotiations were going, Irving decided to request to be traded to a new team. All that support that this organization gave to him with all of the support has been flushed right down the commode.  

For what they got in return for Irving talent wise was not that equal, but I don’t blame them for taking that offer to get rid of the distraction. Spencer Dinwiddie is a nice get as he is a notable net with the fanbase, but he already is being discussed in potential trades with other teams. Worse for worse Dinwiddie is a nice defensive player on this squad. Dorian Finney-Smith is fine, but not the most consistent player. He does bring value on defense as well. They both are going to be 30 at the end of the season and might be past there prime soon.

To me the most valuable addition they got in  this trade is that 1st Round Pick in 2029 as we never know what will happen in 2029. The Nets could even attach that pick in a future trade. The two 2nd Round Picks I could care less about as those are truly lottery tickets.

Dallas Mavericks Acquire

Luka gets what Luka wants, as he wanted the Mavericks to get him some help to push for a deep playoff push. In the NBA you really need at least two or three players to have a deep push in the NBA. Well now the Mavericks have two in Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. The Mavericks have Two Top 10 or 15 players on there NBA squad now. This has potential for the Mavericks to get an NBA Championship back to Dallas and it benefits keeping Luka Doncic happy.

I do have two concerns with the Mavericks making this deal to acquire Irving. First, is that there defense got a lot weaker by trading both Dinwidde and Finney-Smith as they were there best defensive players. The only other great defender they have on there team is Christian Wood and there is already trade rumors involving Wood. Second, Irving may not be happy as he wants a max contract and it is clear Dallas is not going to give it to him. Lets be real here, there is no way any owner in the NBA would want to give Kyrie a max deal knowing how undependable Kyrie has been. This maybe a 1 year rental and they need to win now making this move. 

As for Markieff Morris he really is a throw in option in the deal and I would not be shocked if Dallas makes another move involving him via trade. Worse for worse he is a solid physical shooter the Mavericks could use on offense.

Grades for Kyrie Irving Trade
Brooklyn Nets: C+
Dallas Mavericks: A-

It is clear the Mavericks got the better end of this deal as they need another big piece on this team to fully compete for a championship. All I got to say to Nets fans is simple, get ready for entering a Billy King 2.0 Era. Do you really think Kevin Durant is going to stay in Brooklyn? I don’t in fact I could see Durant being shipped off during this trade deadline as well. The Nets are not going to win with the current core that they have right now and should just start the long rebuild. The Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Era will go down as one of the biggest disappointment in NBA History and probably New York Sports History.

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