Trade Grade: Arizona Coyotes trade Michael Callahan to the Boston Bruins

Image Credit: (Stew Milne/Boston Globe)

Another trade has just been made in the NHL. It involves the Arizona Coyotes who are one of the teams that will be selling at the deadline. The Coyotes have decided to make a trade with the Boston Bruins involving defenseman Michael Callahan.

Boston Bruins Acquire: D Michael Callahan
Arizona Coyotes Acquire:
2024 Seventh Round Pick

Boston Bruins Side

This is a very interesting move made by the Boston Bruins. Especially as the Bruins do need depth on defense and the Bruins clearly saw something in Michael Callahan. Especially with the leadership skills he has shown as the captain of the Providence Friars. Now we have to keep in mind that Michael Callahan has not currently signed a contract in the NHL and the Bruins have only acquired Callahan’s draft rights. But I have a strong feeling that once Michael Callahan has graduated from Providence College he will sign with the Boston Bruins in time as he did grow up in the state of Massachusetts. This is well worth the risk of acquiring him and if it doesn’t work out then there is no loss as they did not give up much in the deal.

Arizona Coyotes Side

It is pretty easy to analyze the Arizona Coyotes side of this trade. Especially as the Coyotes are tanking this season to help with their rebuild. The main goal in the trade deadline is to sell players that won’t be fitting the future for the team. It can be prospects or draft picks. This trade accomplishes that. They got a draft pick for a prospect who wasn’t likely to sign with the team anyway.

Grades for Michael Callahan Trade
Boston Bruins: B+
Arizona Coyotes: B

Pretty fair trade here for both teams but i am going to give the win here to the Boston Bruins. Especially as they get a prospect who is a local, could be a solid depth piece, and is more likely to sign with the Bruins than Coyotes. The Coyotes are rebuilding so any draft pick will help even if it is a seventh round draft choice. They get value for a guy they probably were not going to sign anyways. Overall good move by both teams.

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