Top 5 Potential Destinations for Kyrie Irving (2022)

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Kyrie Irving is one of the most talented players that I have ever seen step on the basket ball court. However, Irving has also been one of the most controversial players in the NBA today. His tenure in Boston and during the pandemic with the Nets has been notable. Kyrie has been a tremendous distraction, which has absolutely effected the culture of the locker room in Brooklyn. If it was not for the fact that he is close with Kevin Durant, I think the Nets would have cut ties with him last season.

It looks like Kyrie Irving’s time with the Nets is likely coming to an end soon. It has been reported that Irving and the Brooklyn Nets have come to an impasse regarding his future with the team. Basically, what that means is that negotiations are going nowhere with Irving. I think that this seals it with the Brooklyn Nets and Irving. I would be very shocked if he plays for Brooklyn next season, and can you blame the Nets for not trusting him long term. Kyrie has caused so many distractions to the the point where it is too much for the organization to handle. Of course the Nets are not going to give a max deal to Kyrie. This situation is so severe, that the Nets may loose Kyrie for nothing as a result of his player option.

Here is something that nobody else is mentioning, I don’t know if Kevin Durant will be resigning with the Nets once his deal is up. We still have not heard anything in Durant reaching out to the Nets for awhile. Durant has pretty much ghosted the Nets since being eliminated in the playoffs. The only reason why KD even came to Brooklyn to begin with was because of Kyrie.

The Nets maybe entering a Billy King 2.0 Era soon with all the draft picks they gave up in the botched James Harden trade. Which everybody knew that Harden trade with the Rockets was not going to work out to begin with. They will have to start right in the same position they were when Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce left years ago.

Now with Kyrie Irving at an Impasse, if he leaves Brooklyn, there are 5 teams I can see acquiring his services either via trade or just signing him.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder

I doubt this happens, but it makes sense as a destination. Mainly because the Thunder have the resources to do it, with having enough salary cap to acquire Kyrie. Plus with the Thunder’s Pick Collection, they maybe able to do a sign and trade for Irving. The Thunder are still in a rebuild, but Irving can become the face of the Thunder’s franchise and make this team better no question.

4. Washington Wizards

You have to take this one with a caveat here, as we still have no idea on if Bradley Beal will be returning to the Wizards for next year. If Beal does leave, the Wizards would be foolish to not try and bring Kyrie on there team. Irving would be a great plug in, as the face of the Wizard and fill a massive hole at Point Guard. The Wizards have the resources to make this trade happen as well, along with the cap space.

3. Los Angeles Lakers

Ahh the Lakers one of the favorites in acquiring any name-branded talents. Let’s be real, Irving has never been the same player since he left LeBron when they were in Cleveland. It makes sense, as he is a name branded talent and they desperately need to shake up the team. Getting Irving could be a great way getting out of Russel Westbrook’s contract. Plus, the Lakers need shooters on there team badly, so acquiring Irving should help there team.

2. Los Angeles Clippers

Many will disagree with me, but I like the Clippers as a more suitable destination than the Lakers. Mainly because they have more depth pieces that they can trade in order to make this deal happen. The Clippers need that third piece on this team and Kyrie can be that player.

Something that is also important for the Clippers is that Kyrie has a lot of connections with the Clippers. While, I was researching potential suitors for Kyrie, I came across this tweet that made a great point about Kyrie going to the Clippers. That tweet is shown down below.

That is a lot of connections that Kyrie has with mainly the coaching staff. Especially with head coach Tyronn Lue, as I remember in 2020 Kyrie voiced to the organization that he wanted Lue to become the head coach of the Nets. But the Nets did not listen and hired Steve Nash for the position and Lue decided to take a promotion for the head coaching job with the Clippers when Doc Rivers stepped down. I can completely see Kyrie wanting to go to the Clippers due to that as well.

1. New York Knicks

Maybe the Knicks will finally get Kyrie after all. I have the Knicks number one on the list as they have more resources to make the deal happen, but it will only be done via a sign and trade. It wold be worth it as although the Knicks don’t have a superstar, but what they have is youth to build the Nets. Point guard for the Knicks has been a need for many years. Honestly, I don’t think they have had a great point guard for at least a decade, maybe more. Kyrie maybe finally be that answer. Maybe Kyrie does not want to be far from Brooklyn and play at Madison Square Garden.

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