Top 5 Potential Destinations for Kemba Walker (2022)

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Throughout the NBA there is always one player that many grow up watching with there favorite team. For me my favorite team is the Charlotte Hornets and I grew up watching Kemba Walker who became my favorite player in the NBA. It was a sad day when I heard Kemba was not going to return to the Hornets in 2019. But no matter what I was going to cheer and root for Kemba no matter what team he is on.

Ever since leaving the Hornets, Kemba has just not been the same player. He did not work out with the Boston Celtics and was then traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Al Horford deal. He was immediately waived and signed with the New York Knicks. The Knicks then traded him to the Detroit Pistons during the 2022 NBA Draft. So with news coming out that the Pistons will be working on a buy out with Walker. Now a free agent Kemba will now be able to sign a deal with another team in the NFL. The question is which team, well there are many I see acquiring Kemba, but here are the Top 5 destinations for Kemba Walker.

5. Charlotte Hornets

I don’t know if this will happen, but this move would absolutely be one that the fanbase would get behind. Kemba Walker is the best player that this franchise has ever had, and there is no debate at all. Walker did not leave the Hornets on great terms and bringing him back would help change that, by make him leave the team on good terms. Along with Steve Clifford returning as the head coach, that could also attract Kemba to sign a deal with the Hornets. I would be jumping for joy if the Hornets bring him back to a new deal and he leaves the Hornets on good terms.

4. Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn is in deep trouble right now. As of today, it looks like Kyrie is going to be gone and Durant still has not talked to the organization as of now. With all the lost draft capital, they maybe entering a Billy King 2.0 era. But if Kyrie does leave, who is going to replace him. It is not going to be Goran Dragic, as he is also likely leaving the Nets as well. I can see the Nets bringing in Kemba Walker, if he does not want to leave the state of New York. He may not be what he was in Charlotte, but he can be a solid backup/rotational option. It all depends how they handle the whole Kyrie mess.

3. Pheonix Suns

Look I love CP3 and I thought he was the most underrated players in the NBA during his prime with the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets. But he is 37 years old and is nearing the end of the road for his career. Also, I want to see him win a ring before he calls it a career. Adding Kemba is a good idea to bolster the team. It never hurts to get depth and a rotational point guard on this team and Walker can be that guy for the Suns.

2. San Antonio Spurs

It is looking like the Spurs are going to be trading Point Guard Dejounte Murray any minute now. They need to find a replacement for him as Murray is very talented. Depending on what they get in the deal, if they can’t secure a Point Guard, I can see the Spurs take a chance on Kemba Walker. Especially as he can fill in the hole at Point Guard and provide a veteran presence in the locker room.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have been rumored, for many seasons, to have interest in acquiring Kemba Walker. It grew the moment news came out of the Pistons were planning to buy out Walker. He fits the model of what the Lakers look for in a players. Name branded talent, on the decline, could potentially ring chase, and etc. He fits the bill, but on a serious note it makes, as the Lakers need a point guard. Along with Kendrick Nunn’s departure and Westbrook potentially being traded, there would be a big need at Point Guard. It would not be a big surprise if the Lakers decided to sign Kemba Walker to a new contract.

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