Top 5 Favorite Winter Olympic Games

Team United States forward Kendall Coyne Schofield (26) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal against Finland in the second period of a women's ice hockey Group A match during the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games at Wukesong Sports Centre.
(Michael Madrid/USA Today Sports)

The Winter Olympics is almost here and I am very excited every time that these games are being played. As a hype up to the Olympics I thought to myself what games that are played in the Winter Olympics do I like? My answer is every single one of them. But there are 5 Winter Olympic sports that I am always the most hyped watching and are my favorite. Now keep in mind that I do love every single sport that will be played in the Winter Olympics and these are just the sports that I myself am the most excited for and the ones that are my favorite to watch during the Olympics. So lets get into the list.

5. Luge

To me this is a very underrated game that is played every Winter Olympics. The sport Luge is a time based race in which a person or a two person team rides a flat sled while lying supine (face up) and feet first. When I first saw the sport I was wowed immediately. Especially as these athletes sometimes go 85 to 95 miles per hour in these races. I debated putting Skeleton at #5 as both are similar but in different position but I think that it is cooler how with Luge that you steer with your shoulders and calfs which is very hard to do.

4. Biathlon

Another underrated game as I really love watching Biathlon in the Olympics. For those that don’t know a Biathlon is basically winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. It really impresses me that these athletes are able to not only skii down a mountain fast and accurately shoot targets with a rifle in different positions. It is definitely a unique sports and I am very excited to watch this part of the Olympics

3. Bobsleigh

Ever since I was young my favorite actor was John Candy and he has been in a lot of my favorite moves. One of his underrated movies he was a part of was called Cool Runnings which focused on Brazil’s Bobsleigh team during the 1988 Winter Olympics. Ever since I watched that movie as a young kid I gave it a try watching previous Winter Olympics and it became one of my favorite sports. I just found it cool that a two or four people on a team can push a bobsleigh and can make it go from 70 to 95 mph.

2. Curling

When I went on a cruise many years ago one of my favorite games to play was shuffleboarding. When I got home and many months pass later, I saw Curling on TV during the 2012 Olympics that took place in London,England and I was excited. I could not take myself away from watching the curling games take place. I like how the game is not about strong a team is but how strategic they are in their performance. I just though it was cool seeing how they sweep the ice and help change the path of the stone. Curling is a sport I will absolutely watching during the Winter Olympics.

1. Ice Hockey

No question here as Hockey is one of my favorite sports to watch. This year the Olympics for Ice Hockey will be a lot different as their wont be any NHL players involved this year. While it may suck for some I think it will be great to see. For me I am very excited to see how Matty Beniers (USA), Owen Power (Canada), Jake Sanderson (USA), Mason McTavish (Canada), Brendan Brisson (USA), Kirill Marchenko (Russia), Brock Faber (USA), and Matthew Knies (USA) all perform in the olympics to see how they are developing.

I am also excited to see both Simon Nemec (Slovakia) and Juraj Slafkovsky (Slovakia) performe in the Olympics. Especially as both could potentially be top picks in the 2022 NHL Draft Class. A strong performance in the olympics could rise their draft stock but a bad performance could also plummet their draft stock.

It is not just Men’s Hockey that I am excited for but Women’s Hockey as well. I am excited to see many athletes play including Marie-Philip Poulin (Canada), Mélodie Daoust (Canada), Jenni Hiirikoski (Finland), Petra Nieminen (Finland), Sarah Fillier (Canada), Kendall Coyne Schofield (USA), Brianna Decker (USA), and etc.

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