Top 4 Potential Cities the NBA Could Expand Internationally

NBA commissioner Adam Silver speaks to the media during the Commissioner Press Conference at Smoothie King Center.
(Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports)

Last Week I wrote an article about where the NBA could expand in the United States. I started to think deeper about it and asked myself: Do you see the NBA expanding internationally? My answer to this question is absolutely. Especially as it is every business’s goal to expand their products in the marketplace even internationally. In this article I will be writing about the Top 4 articles that the NBA could expand in the International market.

4. Montreal, Canada

This is a location that many leagues are trying to expand to. Look at the CEBL as they recently put an expansion team in Montreal. Another example is the MLB as the Tampa Bay Rays were trying to split their season where half of their games will be played in Tampa Bay and in Montreal. Even though MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and the MLB denied the Rays from this plan you cant ignore the signs of teams wanting to capture the Montreal market. Especially with how popular and successful the Montreal Canadians have been in the NHL. A facility is in place for basketball in Centre Bell as it is where the NHL Montreal Canadians play. Plus with the large market of Montreal it could be too big of an oppertunity to pass up for the NBA.

3. Vancouver, Canada

Definitely on the list as there is a passionate fanbase. Especially as the Memphis Grizzlies actually did begin in Vancouver. There already is a facility for basketball to be played at The Rogers Arena where the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks currently play. Excluding Portland the NBA does not really have a team in the North West Market. It is a bit of a travel for some Canadian fans to watch Basketball live currently. If there was another team in the Northwest I guarantee more Canadians will more likely go watch a basketball game in the west without having to go across the country. It would not shock me if the NBA decided to go back to Vancouver and put an expansion team there.

2. Winnipeg, Canada

This maybe a surprising one but I think this is an underdog location of where the NBA can expand to. Especially as there is a facility for basketball in Winnipeg called Canada Life Centre. Putting an expansion team in Winnipeg could also be an advantage when competing against the CEBL (Canadian Elite Basketball League). Now the CEBL has Teams in Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Montreal, Newfoundland, Ottawa, River Valley, Hamilton, Niagara, Scarborough, and Guelph. There is not a team in Winnipeg which could capture that market in that location. The closest basketball team nearby is in Saskatchewan which is a very far drive. According to Google Maps it is around an 8 hour drive from Winnipeg to Saskatchewan. So I could see the NBA take a shot by putting an expansion team in Winnipeg.

1. Mexico City, Mexico

Out of all the choices I see this as the city the NBA will most likely expand too. Especially as the signs have been shown by the NBA as they recently put a G League team in Mexico City called the Capitanes de Ciudad de México, The NBA has has a lot of games played in Mexico City, and even Adam Silver publicly stated that the NBA are looking closely at Mexico City. Heck the NBA even had an NBA Mexico City Week. Now yes there would be some transportation issues that could occur moving expanding a team here. But, I would not be surprised at all when the decision is made to put a full time expansion team in Mexico.

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