Top 10 NBA Players who could get bought out of there contracts

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The Trade Deadline has now passed for the NBA. But if a player doesn’t get moved there is sometimes a buyout season where many players are bought out of their conference. So I thought what players could be bought out of their contracts in upcoming weeks. Here are the Top 10 players that Most Likely to be bought out of their contract.

10. SF/PF Kevin Knox Atlanta Hawks

Is anyone shocked that Kevin Knox is not performing well with the Atlanta Hawks. Anyone? Kevin Knox has been terrible since coming into the league and was traded to the Hawks along with a 1st round draft pick. While Cam Reddish isn’t the best he is a lot better than Kevin Knox is right now. In fact Knox has been more of a benchwarmer than on the court. The Hawks have little to no use for Knox and can potentially buy him out of his rookie deal in order to add someone who can help with there playoff push.

9. PG Kemba Walker New York Knicks

I hate putting his name on here as Kemba Walker is one of my favorite NBA players. He certainly is the best Charlotte Hornets player in franchise history. Walker has simply not worked out with any other team since he left the Charlotte Hornets. He certainly had been a poor fit in Tom Thibodeau system and has been a liability for this team. The Knicks may potentially buyout Walker and bring in another player that would be a better fit for Thibodeau’s system.

8. SG Gary Harris Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are a team that is on a rebuild and is one of the worst teams in the league currently. This is a time to determine who belongs and who doesn’t. While Gary Harris is not a completely terrible player he is not a player I would be paying 20 million dollars to. While his contract does expire at the end of the season, I doubt that the Magic will want to keep him on the roster for long especially as he is not the best shooter and want to look at younger talents. Speaking of which…

7. C Robin Lopez Orlando Magic

Now Lopez is not an awful player to have but something is just not working with him in Jamahl Mosley’s system. Heck he looks lost sometimes as well as a rotational player. But both Mo Bamba and Wendell carter Jr have clearly over taken him on the depth chart and the Magic may want to look more at younger players. Especially as Lopez who is 33 years old is not going to be the future so it would not shock me if the Magic decided to cut ties with him by buying him out.

6. C DeAndre Jordan Los Angeles Lakers

DeAndre Jordan is one of the many ring chasers that are on the Los Angeles Lakers right now. I understood why the Lakers decided to bring him in but to be honest he has not done much for the Lakers. The Lakers have not been utilizing DeAndre Jordan and when he has been utilized he has struggled in Frank Vogel’s schemes. It would not surprise me if the Lakers decide to move on and buy him out of bis contract and bring in a younger player that would fit Vogel’s system.

5. C Derrick Favors Oklahoma City Thunder

I am shocked that the Thunder did not ship Derrick Favors during the deadline. Especially as they have their insane draft pick collection they could of easily given up a draft pick to shed Favors contract. I guess many teams did not want to touch his salary and Favors as a player. He has not gotten better at all with the Thunder and It would come to another shock if the Thunder don’t buy Derrick Favors out.

4. C Tristan Thompson Indiana Pacers

Like I said in the Trade Grade article when the Pacers traded Domantas Sabonis “I would not be shocked if they decided to buy him out as Thompson is no longer the player he was.” So of course I was going to put him on this list as he is going to be owed 9.2 million dollars this season. I would not be surprise if the Pacers decide to buy him out and give younger players an opportunity.

3. PG Dennis Schroder Houston Rockets
I mean you hate to be Dennis Schroder right now. Here is a guy that rejected a 84 million dollar contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, Tried testing the market and only got a 1 year 5.9 million dollar deal with the Boston Celtics, to regressing and being traded to a team that will likely buy him out. Schroder is not going to be here long term and he has regressed as a consistent shooter. I would be shocked if the Rockets don’t buy him out.

2. C Enes Freedom Houston Rockets
The Houston Rockets are rebuilding right now and I do not see Enes Freedom as a part of the team in the long term. The Rockets seem to agree with what I said as Enes Freedom was placed on waivers immediately after the Rockets traded Daniel Theis to the Celtics. If he does not get claimed then he will absolutely be boughten out of his contract.

1. PG Goran Dragic San Antonio Spurs

I think that Dragic is the most likely out of the bunch to be bought out of his contract. The Spurs are rebuilding and have a ton of youth and depth at Point guard. If the Spurs kept him I doubt he would play a lot for the team as they are looking at the future. I doubt the 35 year old is the future for the San Antonio Spurs. Not to mention as well that it was clear that the Spurs were more interested in the draft capital that they would acquire in the trade for him.

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