The NBA All-Star Game is, yet again, a game for the ages

Image Credit: (David Richard/USA TODAY Sports)

Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game was a thriller, to say the least. Team LeBron and Team Durant went at it all night, leading to a split pot of charity money heading into the fourth quarter. The first quarter went to Team LeBron, partly because Steph Curry hit 8 threes in the first half. The second quarter went to Team Durant, as Joel Embiid dominated all night long. Dejounte Murray and LaMelo Ball also played considerably well, with flashy passing and lots of dunks and threes to boot.

The third quarter was close throughout. The teams went back and forth, and it ended in a tie, leading up to a climactic fourth period….

Steph Curry scores 50 points with 16 threes

That’s typo-worthy right there. 16 threes?! That’s more than any player has ever made in a game, let alone the All-Star game. He was three points off from beating Anthony Davis’s record of 52 all-star points, who had far less threes. Overall, he practically took the team on his back and carried them to the finish line over Joel Embiid. He didn’t quite make the cut…as he missed three after three at the end of the game.

LeBron James was forced to take matter into his own hands, and with the city of Cleveland watching he drilled a turnaround jumper over two players to win the game, 163-160. Steph Curry was awarded the Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP Award (obviously) and Team LeBron once again won the All-Star Game in another wild night.

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