Texas Tech Vs. Texas – What Did We Learn?

Texas is not back.

We did learn a little more than that. The Eyes of Texas were in Lubbock this past weekend and it was a show! To take a little from Pat McAfee, we learned that Joey McGuire is a “DAWG”. Going for almost every fourth down is a BOLD move for any head coach, but a first-year head coach taking these chances is an awesome thing for Joey McGuire to do. Tech went 6-8 on fourth down and it paid off when we got to overtime and just needed a “chip shot” to win after a Bijan Robinson fumble.

Texas Tech defeated the University of Texas in an overtime thriller this past Saturday. It was the first time Tech has beat UT in Lubbock since the infamous “Crabtree Catch” in 2008. In a typical Big XII battle, it was an offensive performance followed by a couple of huge defensive plays.

Both teams are without their starting QBs headed into the week both Tyler Shough for Tech and Quinn Ewers for Texas had injuries in the previous weeks. (Sorry Texas, the backup QB argument is not going to work this time). Donovan Smith for Tech and Hudson Card for Texas were the starting QBs for this matchup. Both QBs played well, for the most part, Hudson Card had a good game overall but did have a rough interception that led to essentially nothing for Tech. Donovan Smith picked up his game from the week prior when he threw two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown. Smith went 38-56, 331 Yds, and 3 Total Touchdowns. Smith looked more comfortable in the pocket and on the run than against North Carolina State.

Texas led Tech 24-14 at the half and it looked pretty grim for the Red Raiders heading into the second half.

This video (below) is what Head Coach Joey McGuire had to say after his team’s gutsy win.

I ran through a wall quicker than the Kool-Aid Man.

Are the tides turning in Lubbock? We have seen recent success with basketball and baseball, but can football turn the corner?

Joey McGuire could be the answer.

As for Texas, the only thing they’re back at is the drawing board.

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