Tarik Cohen Suffers a Ruptured Achilles while Training.

Image Credit : (Nam Huh/AP)

I really hate when severe injuries happen to a player, but that is a risk that athletes take. These players sacrifice their bodies to play in a sport and help entertain fans around the world. I don’t like to dive deep on injuries, but in this case, I have to because it could not come at a worse time for a player like Tarik Cohen. Cohen is currently a free agent after the Chicago Bears decided to release him. He was already in a bad spot as he did not play last year due to injuries. He was not signed at all during the Free Agency period, which was telling (we will get to why later). But then things have gotten worse for Cohen as he suffered a ruptured Achilles injury.

You want to know the most craziest part of this injury? It was caught live on his Instagram. Cohen was filming himself working out and, while doing a ladder drill, you can hear a loud pop. When you hear a pop like the one on the video, you know that it means one thing. A torn Achilles. In fact, the video of that injury is down below and it is just heartbreaking. I was praying that that wasn’t the case, but it has been officially confirmed.

I hate to say this because I am a fan of Tarik Cohen during his time in Chicago, but this injury pretty much seals it. I think his career in the NFL is over. He has not played since Week 3 of the 2020 season. Many don’t realize this, but that knee injury was super severe. Not only did he tear his ACL, PCL, and MCL, he also suffered a tibial plateau fracture. Now, a tibial plateau fracture is when a break occurs when the large lower leg bone below the knee breaks into the knee joint. That is not an injury you want to have as an athlete, especially at running back. I guarantee this was the main reason teams held out on signing him. Now, add an Achilles injury into the mix and I just don’t see how a team touches him.

Cohen will never be the same player he was in 2018, and he was a fantastic player in that season. You talk about the definition of a swiss army knife player, Cohen was it. He played well running, receiving, and returning punts and kicks. Like I said, it is a shame these injuries occurred, because a healthy Tarik Cohen would have been a dangerous weapon for many years. It is a shame that this is likely the end of the road for him. I hope Tarik has a speedy recovery and heals from his injuries.

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