Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon Passes Away at the age of 63

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Scott Hall who is one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time, has sadly passed away on March 14th, 2022 at the age of 63.

Scott Hall was in the hospital as a result of a fall that end up breaking his hip. Scott was going to have much needed hip surgery. While in surgery, he suffered a serious complication when a blood clot got loose. That blood clot resulted in Hall suffering 3 heart attacks and it put him in life support. There was a lot of support and love for Hall when this news came out. I, including many others, were hoping that he would kick out and be okay from this. But Kevin Nash, one of Scott’s closest friends, came out and said that Scott’s family was going to take him off of life support. When I heard the news, my heart just sank.

Hall wrestled all around the world in different companies including the NWA, AWA, NJPW, ECW, TNA and many more promotions. The most notable promotions he wrestled for was the WWE (Formally WWF), and WCW.

First Stint in WWE

The first promotion he truly made his big mark was with the WWE. Now, I was not alive when he was in his first stint, but I loved watching a lot of his matches when he was with the company. Of course, Scott wrestled in the ring under the name Razor Ramon. Razor Ramon’s gimmick was that he was kind of like a parody of Tony Montana from Scar Face. He had a cool accent, wore a lot of gold chains, wore awesome vests to the ring, and a toothpick in his mouth. I remembered as a kid using a toothpick and I would always throw it in the garbage the same way Razor would by flicking it in the trash. Razor Ramon’s entrance music was fantastic as well, and I had it as my ringtone when I was in high school.

I remembered watching his old vignettes and I thought they were so cool. A vignette is a video package used to promote wrestling characters. It was a great introduction to how much of a bad guy he was. In some of these vignettes, he may have not paid a bill for a restaurant, stole an apple from a supermarket and maybe spit the apple in the supermarket employee’s face (Carlito was not the first wrestler to spit an apple in the face of people who don’t want to be cool), etc. In his first stint in the WWE he had a ton of memorable matches and rivalries with the 123 Kid (aka X Pac), Bret Hart, Diesel, Rick the Model Martel, and especially Shawn Michaels. The Two Matches that always come to mind are the ladder matches between him and Shawn at WrestleMania X (10) and SummerSlam 1995 which are classics. Scott won the Intercontinental Championship 5 times in his career.

Unfortunately he would leave the WWE in 1996 but with a little bit of controversy as he was a part of the Curtain Call incident at MSG. Now what happened was that on May 19th, 1996 it was a house show going on at Madison Square Garden and it was the last day of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash’s contracts . The main event was when Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash (Diesel) were wrestling in a steel cage match. At the end of the match both Scott Hall and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H) all came into the ring and hugged as both were a part of a lockeroom group that the branded as “The Kliq”. Problem is this broke kayfabe as both Helmsley and Diesel were heels and Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon were faces. This was a big no no and Vince was mad about this. Both Razor Ramon and Diesiel were leaving the company and Shawn Michaels could not be punished as he was the WWE champion. Hunter Hearst Helmsley got punished as he lost his planned King of the Ring win, Intercontinental Championship planned win, and wrestled jobbers for months.


Of course Scott Hall would join WCW In 199 along with Kevin Nash who would terrorise WCW many times and even called themselves Outsiders. Then of course the most popular faction that revolutionized the industry cam called the nWo (New World Order). The New World Order formed when Hulk Hogan shockingly turned heel at Bah at the Beach 1996 and my goodness everybody was shocked. Fans threw trash in the ring and even a fan stupidly jumped the railings to attack hogan but got stopped by security and was punched many times. The nWo started the “Monday Night Wars.” The NWO would have many different rivalries with Sting, Goldberg, Harlem Heat, DDP, and etc. Unfortinetly years later the WCW overlied on the NWO and it caused a lot of problems with the company. Scott Hall would leave WCW in 2000 and WCW went under in 2001.

WWE Second Stint

Scott Hall would make his return to the WWE in 2001 after Vince McMahon would inject a lethal poision into WWE. that poison would be the nWo debuting in WWE. While the tandem was in the WWE, it was not as good as they were in WCW due to bad booking just ruined the team. It also did not help once Hulk Hogan turned face at WrestleMania X8. At least in his second stint Scott Hall faced Stone Cold Steve Austin. Unfortunately he would not last long with the company as he was fired along with Mr. Perfect Curt Henning after the Plane Ride From Hell events took place. In fact I remembered a story told by wrestler Justin Credible that Scott Hall was so drunk and passed out they thought that he was dead. So Credible got a wheelchair and wheeled Hall out of the plane because of how intoxicated Scott Hall was.

Throughout his live Scott Hall has dealt with addictions to both alcohol and drugs. Scott was in a very bad way, especially in 2010 as he went into rehab that was paid by WWE. The damage from his addiction was so bad that he had to have a pacemaker put into his chest. He was even hospitalized with pneumonia and had a seizure that almost killed him in 2010. Even in 2011 he had another seizure and it was not looking good for him.

Until 2013 came when DDP came in and helped him out. In the documentary “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake” which is a documentary I highly recommend watching. DDP and Jake Roberts called Scott Hall who sounded hammered and it is just sad hearing it. So both invited hall to come to DDP’s house so they can help him stay sober and rebuild Scott Hall mentally and physically. Scott Hall agreed and showed up to rebuild himself. In the documentary Hall and Page set up a go fund me to help pay for surgeries that Scott Hall needed and the love that Hall got they got over the goal needed to get the surgery. Kudos to DDP as he not only saved the life of Jake the Snake Roberts but he also saved Scott Hall for a time. Both got sober and healthy enough to be inducted into the WWE Hall of fame in 2014. Scott Hall got inducted twice to the WWE Hall of fame in 2014 as Razor Ramon and in 2020 as a part of the nWo. One of my favorite quotes from his hall of fame was him saying “Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do”. It was a great sight to see Scott Hall healthy and in the good graces of the WWE.

Scott Hall was a tremendous fighter both in and out of the ring. Whether he fought through a match, his PTSD (Which he has admitted to having for many years), his substance abuse issues, and his physical issues. He fought through very many things throughout his life. He will go down as one of the most influential, important, and greatest professional wrestlers of all time in the professional wrestling industry. He will be dearly missed by the many friends he made and to those that looked up to him in the wrestling business.

Tributes From His Friends and Wrestling Companies

Rest in peace Scott. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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