Pro Bowl Is Lame

At last, the biggest game of the season has come and gone. The game that everyone wants to play their hardest and give one-hundred percent.

The Pro Bowl.

I am just kidding, the pro bowl is more of a “patty cake” type game where the players are more interested in 2-hand-touch than playing actual football. Honestly, the hardest hitting was done after the game by Alvin Kamara. That’s a story for another day. The exception was Micah Parsons, who decided he was going to destroy Diontae Johnson and Patrick Mahomes. As a Cowboys fan, these were the highlights of my entire season.

Parsons tackling Johnson
Parsons tackling Mahomes

The offense was lackluster and almost every QB had a turnover. However, Mac Jones was the unsung hero of QBs based on a single play that did not count. Although Herbert won Offensive MVP, this singular play will forever enshrine Mac Jones into the GOAT conversation. They should take his Pro Bowl Jersey and put it into Canton just for his “Griddy” celebration after running 70 yards after the play was dead.

Mac hitting the “Griddy”

Overall, the game really did suck. Offenses were bad. Defenses were bad. Of course the “old-heads” were out for blood as well. Tweeting about how lazy the players were and how today’s game had gone soft.

I know JJ Watt isn’t really an old head, but he’s close enough.

How do we fix the Pro Bowl? Personally, I don’t think we should. We should bring back the games that they used to do. The longest throw, Bench press, and other fun drills. I watched the dodgeball game and the 40 yard dash much more intensely than the game. The game doesn’t matter, there is no “All Pro Game” or anything like that. The players make enough money to where it would have to be a ton of cash to make anyone play hard.

The Pro Bowl, America’s Snoozefest

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