Piastri to Drive for Mclaren in 2023 after CRB Decision

Oscar Piastri, former F2 champion and current test driver for the F1 Alpine, will now be a driver for Mclaren in the 2023 season.

Vettel’s retirement set many events in motion. After his announcement in July, Alonso was announced as the new driver for Aston Martin, even though he was negotiating a contract renewal with Alpine. Alonso seems to have looked for more stability with a contract, which is what Aston Martin provided.

After this, Alpine claimed one of its members spoke with Piastri, telling him that he would be taking the empty seat left by Alonso. Shortly after this, they announced Piastri as a driver in a press conference, but Piastri posted a tweet stating that he was not informed of this announcement and that he would not be driving for them.

After that, the dispute was taken to the F1 Conflict Resolution Board, which specifically exists to resolve issues of this nature. The CRB determined that Alpine didn’t have an official, legally binding document with Piastri, while Mclaren did in July. As a result, he would be able to race for Mclaren next season.

Gabriel Diaz del Valle, Moore Than Sports



CRB ruling details Alpine failings in handling Piastricontract | RacingNews365

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