NFL Week 9 Blake’s Picks

Jets @ Colts

I want to believe the Mike White hype, I really do. But it seemed like the Bengals overlooked and underestimated their opponent last week and it became a trap game. There was no film on White and Cincinnati probably isn’t as good as we all believed. The Colts are a mediocre team but if Wentz can avoid his dumb mistakes, this should be an easy win.

Colts 27 Jets 17

Raiders @ Giants

The Raiders are on a 2 game win streak after parting ways with Jon Gruden. Maybe he was the problem. Remember when Carr was an MVP candidate back in 2016 season? He’s starting to get back into the conversation of legit QBs again. I’m also a firm believer that Daniel Jones is not a franchise QB. Maybe he can have a Tannehill-like resurgence somewhere else, but not in New York.

Raiders 31 Giants 21

Falcons @ Saints

The Falcons are now without their number one receiver as Calvin Ridley decided to step away from football to focus on his mental health. Best wishes to him. But that offense is now devoid of any talent, except Kyle Pitts, and their defense is still bad. The Saints beat Tom Brady with Trevor Siemian at QB. as long as Siemian doesn’t blow it, the Saints take the victory here.

Saints 21 Falcons 13

Bills @ Jaguars

There have been a number of really surprising upsets this year already and this has the potential to be the next one. But I’m betting against it. The Bills should obviously run away with this game. Please don’t let Urban Meyer embarrass you Buffalo.

Bills 31 Jaguars 10

Browns @ Bengals

The Browns are riddled with injuries, mostly on offense, which is their teams strength. The Bengals are likely to beat up on them and make people think they’re legit contenders again. It’ll be a close game but I think the Bengals squeak out a win against a division rival.

Bengals 23 Browns 21

Patriots @ Panthers

The Panthers are a mess. The Sam Darnold experiment has produced an offense ranked bottom 10 in yards per game and points per game. He clearly hasn’t lived up to their expectations. The Patriots, however, just knocked off the Chargers last week. They also have Bill Belichick, who is 3-0 against the former Jets QB. Sam Darnold will see ghosts again this week.

Patriots 28 Panthers 13

Broncos @ Cowboys

The Broncos seem to be in rebuild mode and both of their QBs are bad. The Cowboys are contending for the number 1 seed in the NFC and they should be getting MVP candidate Dak Prescott back from his calf injury. Don’t make me regret this pick Dallas.

Cowboys 27 Broncos 10

Vikings @ Ravens

Kirk Cousins was outplayed by Cooper Rush last week. Why should anyone believe that he can outplay Lamar Jackson. Baltimore is coming out of their bye week and I expect that Ravens offense to come out firing after getting blown out at home by Cincinnati in their last game.

Ravens 35 Vikings 27

Texans @ Dolphins

Two teams that are 1-7. Could their be a more depressing matchup? Miami had playoff aspirations at the start of the season, but that’s a laughable prediction now. Houston is Houston. This game could go either way.

Texans 21 Dolphins 14

Chargers @ Eagles

The Eagles dominated in Detroit last week, but it was Detroit. When they play good teams, they look lost and unprepared. I’m still not sure if Jalen Hurts is good or not. Unfortunately for him, if you can’t tell after a QBs first two years, he’s probably not good. Look at guys like Drew Lock, Sam Darnold, and Daniel Jones. Not a list you want to be on. The Chargers are on a two game losing streak but I think they regain control of their own destiny starting here.

Chargers 31 Eagles 20

Packers @ Chiefs

This could’ve been one of the best games of the season, but we were robbed of this legendary matchup between two great QBs. Aaron Rodgers has tested positive for Covid-19. We missed out on the matchup once when these teams played in 2019, due to a Mahomes knee injury, and now we will miss it again. We may never see these two face off. At least, not in the regular season. Instead, this week, we get the underwhelming matchup between Patrick Mahomes and Jordan Love. The Chiefs are bad, right? But I think they are better than the Rodgers-less Packers.

Chiefs 37 Packers 28

Cardinals @ 49ers

The 49ers barely beat the Bears, and the Cardinals should’ve beat the Packers had AJ Green not decided to retire in the middle of his route. Arizona’s roster is pretty beat up but I think they’ll still have enough to beat their division rival. But if they’re missing Murray and Hopkins, it’ll be a different story.

Cardinals 24 49ers 21

Titans @ Rams

Derrick Henry is indeed a mortal man. With Henry out for the rest of the regular season with a broken foot, the Titans are now one-dimensional. Oh, and the Rams just traded for Von Miller. Good luck Ryan Tannehill.

Rams 38 Titans 21

Bears @ Steelers

This game will be ugly. Two terrible offenses face off against two of top defenses. I think the Steelers younger defense edges out the Bears declining defense. This will come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes, and rookies tend to make more mistakes than veterans.

Steelers 19 Bears 10

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