NFL Week 17 Blake’s Picks

Last weeks record 8-5. Season Record 60-40-1.

Giants @ Bears

The Bears will once again be without their rookie QB, as Justin Fields will be inactive with an ankle injury. It will be Andy Dalton for Chicago today. For New York, it will be a combination of Glennon and Fromm. What an exciting matchup. NY has already stated that they will continue to ride with HC Joe Judge and QB Daniel Jones for at least one more season. Big mistake. Cut the losses while you have two possible top 10 picks, one of them being Chicago’s, in the draft and let the new HC and GM get a head start on rebuilding the franchise. Either way the Giants will win today. If they beat the Bears, they move back in the draft but their pick from Chicago moves up. If they lose, their pick moves up while Chicago’s pick moves back. Giants fans haven’t had much to root for this season, but they should root for their team today, as it may put them in a better position in March.

Giants 20 Bears 7

Jaguars @ Patriots

Bill Belichicks record of playing rookie QBs speaks for itself, 22-6. Rookie Trevor Lawrence needs a miracle. There have been miracles this season, bad teams beating great teams, but I don’t see Belichick falling into that category.

Patriots 31 Jaguars 14

Rams @ Ravens

Word is that Lamar Jackson is set to miss his 3rd week in a row. He was seen with a noticeable limp during a limited practice session on Wednesday. Tyler Huntley has performed well enough in his absence but playing against a talented Rams D could be too much. The Rams offense runs through the QB and if Stafford is careless with his throws he could end up paying for it. The Ravens D is severely undermanned but still a solid unit. Credit to Harbaugh for keeping the defense together. I don’t think it will be enough to beat the Rams, and they will fall to 8-8, with their playoff hopes out of their hands.

Rams 28 Ravens 17

Buccaneers @ Jets

It was nice of the NFL to give the Bucs two bye weeks. Even without Godwin, Evans, and Fournette, Tampa should easily win this game. Hold on, Jets fans. The season is almost over.

Buccaneers 33 Jets 16

Falcons @ Bills

Somehow, the Falcons are still in the playoff hunt. They have fought their way to a 7-8 record, but they have a tough two weeks ahead of them, Buffalo this week and New Orleans next week. With the season on the line do they play up to their opponent and pull off an upset? Nope. Buffalo is the better team and they are fighting to keep the lead in their division. They have more fight and more to fight for. Sorry Atlanta.

Bills 24 Falcons 14

Chiefs @ Bengals

Despite the Bengals historic performance last week, I cannot pick them over the Chiefs. Cincinnati has been too sporadic with their performances. I wouldn’t bee too surprised if they failed to score double digits today. That’s how unpredictable they are. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they actually pulled off the upset. But, I never get the Bengals right so they’ll probably win because I’m picking the Chiefs.

Chiefs 28 Bengals 24

Dolphins @ Titans

The Dolphins are the only team in NFL history with a 7 game losing streak and a 7 game win streak int he same season. It’s honestly impressive that this team hold 7th seed in the AFC after starting 1-7. Credit to Brian Flores for keeping his team together. I still don’t think Tua is a good QB, but despite his performance, he has his team in position to make the post season for the first time since 2016. The Titans, similar to the Bengals and Chargers, have been unpredictable. They sit at 10-5, holding the #2 seed in the AFC, but for some strange reason, they feel like underdogs in this game. The Miami Dolphins are hot, and looking to keep their hopes alive. The Titans are sitting comfortable. This seems like the perfect trap game for Tennessee.

Dolphins 24 Titans 21

Raiders @ Colts

After the news of Carson Wentz testing postive for Covid, I was ready to give the Colts a loss. But then I saw that they were playing the Raiders, and I thought, “Oh, nevermind.” Now I hear that, with the new Covid protocols, Carson Wentz may be cleared to play today. Ok. On top of Wentz’s possible return, Indy also will be getting most of their O-linemen back from Covid. Meanwhile, Derek Carr is sitting in Las Vegas, wondering if he’ll even be on the team next year. Colts all the way.

Colts 27 Raiders 10

Eagles @ Football Team

I pegged Philadelphia as a team to be picking in the top 5 next year. Imagine my surprise when it’s Week 17 and they are the 7th seed. A win today against a division rival would most likely guarantee them a spot in the playoffs. Philly fans have to be surprisingly optimistic about their team. As for Washington, it seems that they will be one of the many average teams to finish with 6-8 wins this season, and stuck in mediocrity. The good news is that their doesn’t appear to be a QB worthy enough of being taken in top 5 or 10. That could be a blessing for Washington, as they shouldn’t have to trade up for one. As for my pick today, one team is in the post season and the other is looking for their next QB.

Eagles 20 Football Team 10

Broncos @ Chargers

As if their couldn’t be a less disappointing matchup. Both teams started out with such promise, and now they sit at 7-8 (Denver) and 8-7 (LA). The Chargers ugly loss last week makes me want to pick Denver, but Denver’s lack of talent at the most important position makes me want to pick LA. The Chargers are the more disappointing team this year of the two. Justin Herbert is a young star, yet he sits at 8-7. Is he the next Phillip Rivers? A great QB who never does anything in the post season because he can never get there? Herbert ranks 2nd in the NFL in total passing yards, yet his team will miss the playoffs. I had little expectations for Denver as I knew they didn’t have a good QB on the roster. They set to finish as an average team, which is exactly what they are. But the Chargers had the potential to be so much more. I’ll pick the Chargers but I’m not happy about it.

Chargers 24 Broncos 7

Texans @ 49ers

Houston has found it’s identity on offense, and its letting Davis Mills are it out. Yep. over the last 3 games, Davis Mills has been the best rookie QB with a 2-1 record, throwing for 794 yards, 5 passing TDs and 1 pick. That’s better than any other rookie. He will face fellow rookie QB Trey Lance, as Jimmy Garoppolo is out with a hand injury. I expect Lance to be a little sloppy in his second start. His first start in October was underwhelming, as he only threw for 192 yards and a pick against the Cardinals. Mills over Lance would’ve been a laughable take six months ago but I’m taking the 67th pick over the 3rd pick.

Texans 30 49ers 28

Lions @ Seahawks

The Lions have exceeded any expectations they had this year, and the Seahawks didn’t meet any expectations this year. In what could be Wilsons last game at Lumen Field, I think he will try to make it memorable. It has been a disappointing season for Russ but I think he steps up his game this week. The Lions D is a bad matchup for Metcalf and Lockett, who have also had down years. This is a good last ‘Hurrah’ for Russell if it is his final home game in Seattle.

Seahawks 31 Lions 17

Cardinals @ Cowboys

The Cardinals are frauds. If they manage to beat Dallas, they may garner a little more respect. But until they start playing up to their potential, they will be frauds. Dallas has chance to take one step closer that coveted #1 seed. Dak is having an amazing season, especially after the injury he sustained last year, and I’m surprised he was never really in the MVP talks. This game has the possibility to really shake up the playoff standings. If both teams play to their capabilities, this could be an exciting game.

Cowboys 35 Cardinals 27

Panthers @ Saints

Both teams are in need of a new QB, yet one team has found success despite not having one. Do you know what the difference is? A good Head Coach. Carolina HC Matt Rhule said that Sam Darnold will get the start, but don’t be surprised to see Cam Newton splitting plays with him, like its still training camp. Matt Rhule is the reason the Panthers are struggling, while Sean Payton is the reason the Saints win games. You will have a front row seat at watching a good Head Coach perform, David Tepper, it just wont be yours.

Saints 16 Panthers 13

Vikings @ Packers

If Kirk Cousins was playing today I might have picked them in todays game. For some strange reason, Kirk Cousins seems to play well against the Aaron Rodgers at least once a year. But unfortunately for Kirk, he didn’t have enough plexiglass to save him from testing positive. Instead, Sean Mannion will be thrust into the starting role. As if the Packers needed an easier road to the #1 seed. This should be an easy victory for Green Bay.

Packers 30 Vikings 14

Browns @ Steelers

A loss for either team means they’re watching the playoffs from the comfort of their couches. A win for either team could also mean they’re watching from the comfort of their couches. We already know that Big Ben will be retiring after this season, but there are rumors that the Browns could move on from Baker Mayfield this offseason. The Steelers are destined to remain at .500 this year and they play Baltimore next week. I think they win here and lose next week to finish 8-8-1, and stay exactly at .500. I’ve had stupider reasons for making my picks. Neither team here is making the post season.

Steelers 18 Browns 16

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