NFL Week 16 Blake’s Picks

Last weeks record 7-7. Season record 52-35-1.

Lions @ Falcons

The Lions are on a roll, but they will be without starting QB Jared Goff today, who landed on the Covid/Reserve list this week. This would be a closer game if the he was playing. But, the Falcons still have Matt Ryan, who is in the twilight of his career and only good at beating bad teams. Luckily for Atlanta, Detroit is a bad team.

Falcons 24 Lions 6

Rams @ Vikings

With the epic collapse of the Cardinals late season performances, the Rams are now in control of their own destiny. A win today would put them in first place of their division, leapfrogging Arizona who lost on Christmas day. Minnesota is fighting for the 7th seed, so they aren’t out of the race either. But after facing a ravaged Bears secondary, fielding 4th stringers and practice squad members, and only putting up 87 passing yards, that is a pitiful performance. they should have thrown every play and broke the single game passing record. But instead they played down to a bad Bears team. Can they outperform the hottest offense in the league? Probably not. Stafford and Cooper Kupp will show them how to air the ball out.

Rams 33 Vikings 20

Jaguars @ Jets

Ugh. How many awful matchups can we get this year? The matchup between the #1 pick and the #2 pick in the last draft should be more exciting than this, but both players have severely underperformed. Normally, the top QBs taken show some glimpses of special or elite talent that justified them being taken first and second but I don’t think I’ve seen a great performance out of either player. Disappointing. I’m rooting for Trevor Lawrence, so I’ll take the Jags.

Jaguars 19 Jets 10

Giants @ Eagles

Jake Fromm is the starting QB for the Giants. He will make his first start ever, and it’ll be against a division rival, who’s fighting for a playoff spot. Mathematically, so are the Giants, but it ain’t happening. The Eagles are 7-7, and have won 4 of their last 5 games, with the one loss being against the Giants. They’ll want revenge. But Jake Fromm is gonna crush those playoff aspirations. No one knows how good he is, no one has film on him. He’s gonna come out and light up the Eagles in a performance we haven’t seen since Mike White Lightning, may his career rest in peace. Fromm will solve the QB problem that the Giants have been searching for since the mid-Eli Manning era. You better have insurance Philly, because Jake Fromm will wreck your state, and your farm, if you have one.

Giants 28 Eagles 17

Bills @ Patriots

I feel like we didn’t get a true matchup of the Bills and Patriots in week 14. If you remember, that game had crazy winds, and pretty much neutralized the Bills passing offense. I don’t think there will be a wind storm today, so this game should be more of an even match. Both teams are missing a key cog of their offense, Rhamondre Stevenson and Cole Beasley are both out after testing positive. The Bills still have Josh Allen, though. As long as he plays well, they stand a chance. But, like I said in week 14, the Bills have to score early and stay ahead. If they can force the Patriots to throw the ball more than they run, they’ve got this game in the bag.

Bills 27 Patriots 23

Ravens @ Bengals

I can’t pick the Bengals. I can’t. They should win this game, the Ravens are on playing Josh Johnson at QB, the guy who’s played for 14 teams in the NFL, 4 different football leagues, and played a game for the Jets earlier this season. Not even joking. Look it up. They have an easy win gifted to them, but I just know they’ll blow it. But if they do pull off the win, it’ll be an ugly, sloppy win where they don’t look at all promising. They should win, but they won’t.

Ravens 20 Bengals 17

Chargers @ Texans

Similar to the Bengals, the Chargers should win this game. They should win this game. They will win this game. I’m trying to convince myself. The Texans are far worse than the Ravens with a 3rd string QB. It should be a cake walk. But, LA will be without guys like Joey Bosa, Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler, Corey Linsley, and Jalen Guyton. I can’t, I can’t pick them. I’m sorry Chargers fans. I’m taking Houston in an upset. Weirder things have happened.

Texans 23 Chargers 20

Buccaneers @ Panthers

The Panthers are still struggling at QB, and their Head Coach is a pinhead, who’s probably on his way out. The Bucs still have Tom Brady and a great Head Coach, but are missing their top three offensive players. Brady will struggle today but, luckily for him, he is playing a team that is in shambles from top to bottom. Brady’s best attribute is his ability to decipher a defense and audible to the best play to combat the defense. He will be able to do that again today, but he wont have his receivers bail him out again today. Yet, despite all that, the Bucs will leave Carolina with a victory.

Buccaneers 24 Panthers 10

Bears @ Seahawks

The Bears look to have given up. Nick Foles was named the starter after Fields and Dalton both appeared on the injury report this week. There’s not much else I can say. Russell Wilson’s performance lately has been better but it’s still hot garbage. Taken at face value, this game may look like a really good matchup. But this game will probably be uglier than the Jets/Jags game. Seattle has a better functioning offense but that’s not saying much. I’ll go with the home team.

Seahawks 28 Bears 13

Raiders @ Broncos

Drew Lock vs. Derek Carr. Lock can be fun to watch, but Carr is one of those boring game managing QBs who make no exciting throws and still throws picks. Probably one of the more forgettable games this week. Every other game has something to make it exciting, but unless this is a shootout, (it won’t) I’ll probably just check the final score and move on with my life.

Raiders 20 Broncos 13

Steelers @ Chiefs

The Chiefs manage to get Tyreek Hill back but they will be without Travis Kelce, who was unable to clear Covid protocols in time. But it doesn’t matter. Kansas City will still blow out Pittsburgh simply because Big Ben is geriatric and could not even complete a sideways pass to Najee Harris who was literally 6 feet to his right. The Steelers defense will bend in the first half but ultimately break in the second half after the Chiefs score again to put the game out of reach. Pittsburgh will drop to 7-7-1 and will be one step closer to not have a below .500 record in the Tomlin era and finish 8-8-1, which is still not below .500. Everyone wins.

Chiefs 34 Steelers 20

Football Team @ Cowboys

Dallas has the opportunity to end the Football Team’s playoff hopes. It’s always good to crush a division rival’s dreams. There have been talks in the Cowboys locker room that the offense has been underperforming these last few weeks. They can silence those talks by going out and dominating a decent-to-good football team. Washington gets their QB back, both of them actually. They should be competitive, but their offense just doesn’t have the talent to keep up with Dallas.

Cowboys 35 Football Team 24

Dolphins @ Saints

We have another Rookie QB making his NFL debut in New Orleans. Ian Book will start after injuries and Covid have wiped out the other QBs. Similar to Jake Fromm, no one has any film, except college of course, on Book. But since joining the Saints, he’s been learning from the one of the best offensive minded Head Coaches in the league, Sean Payton, who will be back on the sideline this week. So, which QB will have a better game, Tua or Book? I’ll be the minority and say Book. He doesn’t need to throw for 3 TDs and 300 yards, he just needs to not throw interceptions. The Saints D will get turnovers. All Book has to do is hand off to Kamara and not make stupid decisions.

Saints 21 Dolphins 14

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