NFL Week 14 Blake’s Picks

Last weeks record 8-5. Season record 38-23-1

Saints @ Jets

Alvin Kamara is set to make his return after missing the last 4 weeks. He should be the spark to light the dim saints offense, just in time for a playoff push. Playing the Jets should be a nice warmup for Kamara as the Jets run D is ranked 31st. The Jets are still the Jets, so this is an easy pick.

Saints 24 Jets 13

Falcons @ Panthers

Cam Newton vs. Matt Ryan. A matchup that would’ve been really exciting, 5 years ago. But now these QBs are in the twilight years of their career with their best days way behind them. Cam will be gone next year and Matt Ryan will go with him. This will most likely be the final matchup between the two former MVPs. How far they have fallen. Matt Ryan seems like he has a little more left in the tank, even though that tank is running on fumes at this point. He has enough in him to maybe carve out another year in Atlanta so I’ll take the Falcons today.

Falcons 21 Panthers 10

Seahawks @ Texans

Davis Mills has been named the starter for the remainder of the season. I guess they’ve just given up, because there’s no way you can say that Tyrod Taylor lost that job, proving that the coaching staff in Houston is incompetent. Either that, or they just want to give the rookie QB some action. But this is the Texans, you know they don’t have a plan. How could they? They completely botched the Deshaun Watson debacle, hired a coach and GM after saying they would consult with him about it, and have been one of the worst run teams for the past 4 years. I don’t trust Seattle, but I trust them more than the train wreck in Houston.

Seahawks 20 Texans 7

Jaguars @ Titans

If there was a team more dysfunctional than Houston, its Jacksonville. The only difference is you just remove one person from the equation. *cough* Urban Meyer *cough* News broke this weekend about how great a coach the Ohio State legend is. Bragging about how great he is and calling his assistants losers because they don’t have the pedigree like his. Now I’m no coach, but I think there’s a better way to motivate your team. I wanted to pick the Jags this week because this seems like another trap game, but with so much disfunction in that locker room, I don’t think the players want to win for Coach Meyer. They’ll play the rest of the season, and if by some ungodly reason Urban isn’t run out of town, it’ll be the players who’ll run out of town, willingly. Some good news for Tennessee, though. You get Julio back this week.

Titans 24 Jaguars 6

Raiders @ Chiefs

Finally, a game that might actually be competitive. The Chiefs are on a hot streak winning their last 5 games. They seem to be back on track, but divisional games are hard to predict, especially ones so late in the season. The Chiefs offense has the ability to make explosive plays and score on every drive, but they also have turned the ball over way more than they normally would. 6 of Mahomes’ 12 interceptions have bounced off of the receivers hands. If they can remember they are playing football and not volleyball, they will remain one of the best teams in the league. The Raiders offense is impossible to figure out. Derek Carr has his moment where he looks elite and unstoppable, and then he has a game like last week where he looks bland and unimpressive. But you know what? I’m taking the Raiders anyway just because I feel like it. Derek Carr balls out today and upsets the Chiefs, then plays like garbage next week. Classic Carr.

Raiders 35 Chiefs 27

Ravens @ Browns

The Browns are still playing a half injured Baker Mayfield, which I’ve been saying for weeks to shut him down for a bit just so they can be healthy enough for a playoff push. But big shocker. The Browns organization didn’t take my advice, and now they are sitting at 6-6, at the bottom of their division, and on the outside looking into the playoffs, and Baker is still hurting. Good Job Cleveland. Meanwhile, Baltimore has been bombarded with the injury bug all year, and they are still 8-4. Like I said when they faced off two weeks ago. The better coached team wins, every time. I’m taking Harbaugh over Stefanski.

Ravens 27 Browns 17

Cowboys @ Football Team

Apparently, Mike McCarthy guaranteed a win against Washington earlier this week. So I’ll take Washington to win over Dallas.

Football team 28 Cowboys 17

Lions @ Broncos

Detroit got their first win last week, finally making it over the hump. Their only goal this season was to win at least one game, and now that they have, I get the feeling they’ll coast on that win the rest of the season. The front office has no more expectations for this season, and they are currently looking ahead into 2022. Denver has an easy W, all they have to do is not trip at the finish line, which, of course, is a very Denver thing to do.

Broncos 20 Lions 16

Giants @ Chargers

The Giants are starting Mike Glennon at QB, after he cleared concussion protocols. I swear if the Chargers blow this game, I’m never picking them again.

Chargers 33 Giants 14

49ers @ Bengals

Probably one of the toughest games to pick, because I want to pick the Bengals, but when I pick them they suck. The 49ers are fighting for a wildcard spot in the NFC and need to win out in order to safely secure a position. Joe Burrow or Jimmy G? Joe Mixon or Elijah Mitchell? Jamar Chase or Deebo Samuel, who will play through a groin injury? If you look at the team comparatively, I would say the Bengals have the upper hand. Last chance Cincy. Don’t make me regret it.

Bengals 30 49ers 17

Bills @ Buccaneers

This game should’ve been flexed to Sunday Night to save us from the gross primetime game between Chicago and Green Bay. This has the opportunity to be one of the best games of the year. For Josh Allen, he had to play Bill Belichick last week in a crazy weather game, and this week he faces off against his old rival, Tom Brady. Imagine what a tough span that must be. Similar to Derek Carr, Allen has the ability to look like an elite QB some weeks, then other weeks, he reverts back to playing like he did his rookie season. If Allen can play like he did last year, I would have no problem picking Buffalo.

Buccaneers 33 Bills 24

Bears @ Packers

There’s really no need for me to say why the Packers should win this game. It’s in Green Bay, against a bad Bears offense. All Rodgers needs to do is score 2 touchdowns and its over.

Packers 28 Bears 13

Rams @ Cardinals

Kyler Murray has to beat the Rams and then they can practically coast as they would most likely secure themselves a first round bye. The Rams failed to contain Murray earlier this year and were torched on the ground and through the air. Both teams still have a lot to fight for, but I believe the Cardinals sweep the Rams for the first time since 2014.

Cardinals 27 Rams 23

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