NFL Week 13 Blake’s Picks

Last week’s record 9-8 (1-2 on Thanksgiving). Season record 30-28-1.

Colts @ Texans

The Colts went toe-to-toe with one of the best teams in the league and almost came out with a win. But knowing the NFL and Indy, they’ll probably underperform around and allow Houston to make it close. When it comes to the Texans, there’s not much more I can say that hasn’t already been said. They are bad.

Colts 27 Texans 13

Vikings @ Lions

Similar to the Colts Texans game, this should be an easy win for the away team, as they are clearly the better team. However, divisional games can be tricky, sometimes the lesser team catches the opponent off guard, and makes the game closer than it should. I think the last legit chance the Lions had of winning a game was last week at home against the Bears and barring a team resting starters in the final week I think we see the first 0-16-1 team. Talk about excitement.

Vikings 24 Lions 14

Giants @ Dolphins

The Dolphins are on a hot streak right now, winning their last 4 games after starting 1-7. Despite being an absolute trainwreck in the first half of the season, they find themselves only two games out of the AFC playoff race. They face an easy opponent today to help them make the playoff dream a reality. If they lose, they might as well rebuild.

Dolphins 24 Giants 21

Buccaneers @ Falcons

The Bucs face a lowly division opponent who has some talent but ultimately is stuck in mediocrity. That statement could be used to describe all of their competition in the NFC South. But this week its Atlanta. The Bucs easily get their 9th win this week.

Buccaneers 28 Falcons 17

Eagles @ Jets

The Eagles are coming off a tough loss to the Giants, in a game they played incredibly sloppy football. The team had 4 turnovers, with Hurts throwing three picks. They luckily get the next New York team, who is just as bad, if not worse, than the Giants. The Jets, as you may know, have never beaten the Eagles. They have played 11 times and each time they’ve come away with an L. Do they finally end the losing streak this week? I think they do! It won’t be a pretty game, but it’s the Jets. When was the last time they did anything pretty?

EDIT: Jalen Hurts has been ruled out with an ankle injury, making Gardner Minshew the starting QB for the Eagles. Minshew is back baby! I’m changing my pick. Eagles for the win!

Eagles 24 Jets 21

Cardinals @ Bears

The Cardinals are expected to have their top two players back this week. It should be a nice warm up game for them as they take on the Bears, who needed a last second field goal to be the worst team in the league. Chicago is starting Andy Dalton after Fields suffered a rib injury last week. The QB carousel continues in Chicago. I expect this to be the blowout of the week.

Cardinals 35 Bears 13

Chargers @ Bengals

Man, I really wanted to like the Chargers. Then they go and have a floppy performance like last week and completely shake my faith in them. LA has a pattern of losing games they should very obviously win. Meanwhile the Bengals were in the exact same situation two weeks ago. I trusted them to take that next step into true contenders and they lose to the Jets and Browns. A battle between two teams I had put my faith in. I have to go with the team that’s been hot lately.

Bengals 33 Chargers 28

Rams @ Jaguars

The Rams have no reason to lose this game. But that doesn’t mean squat in 2021. We’ve seen great teams lose to truly awful teams this year. The only difference is that LA is still relatively healthy and at full strength, while other top teams had exploitable flaws or injuries. The Rams only have to stay out of their own way. If they actually lose this game, I’ll have an easy candidate for the Worst section on Tuesday.

Rams 27 Jags 9

Football Team @ Raiders

Washington is riding a 3-game win streak that currently has them in the 7th seed in the NFC. Who saw that coming after Fitzmagic went down in week one? The Raiders also are fighting for a spot; however, they are on the outside looking in. The 7th seed allows one bad team into the post season each year. Last year it was the 8-8 Bears, who limped their way into the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if this year it’s a worse team. It could be either of these teams. The Raiders have the more complete NFL roster, so one would think that they would be favored to win. But I’m picking and the Football Team because I would normally pick the Raiders, but I’m bad at picking so I flipped it.

Football Team 27 Raiders 21

Ravens @ Steelers

Another Divisional game that has playoff implications. The Steelers have never had a losing season since Mike Tomlin took over and how fitting would it be for them to finish 8-8-1. Pittsburgh has been in a bit of a slump, and the schedule is doing them no favors. The rest of their games are currently against teams fighting for the playoffs, with 5 of the 6 teams being .500 or above. Meanwhile the Ravens seem to have half of the roster on the Injury Report, but that’s no different than the last several weeks. They’ve still managed to keep winning. I expect them to win on the road.

Ravens 30 Steelers 21

49ers @ Seahawks

Seattle has officially taken the title of most disappointing team this year. I’ve said this multiple times but Russell Wilson coming back from his finger injury was probably the worst thing to happen to Seattle this year. The offense has somehow regressed since he returned. San Fransisco is currently the number 6 seed int he NFC and they have always played well against the Seahawks. Now that they are down, I can’t help but think they’ll kick them.

49ers 33 Seahawks 21

Broncos @ Chiefs

The Chiefs are back to their winning ways. Whatever they did earlier in the season seems to have been fixed, as they’ve won 5 of their last 6 and are the number 4 seed in the AFC. Denver may be on a hot streak of their own, but they face off against a division rival that they haven’t beaten since 2015. That streak continues today.

Chiefs 31 Broncos 17

Patriots @ Bills

This is probably the most interesting game to watch this week. Can Buffalo finally defeat the Patriots and retake control of the division? Can Bill Belichick pull off the fastest rebuild of all time in just one season? Will NFL fans finally be rid of the Patriots dynasty? This game has the ability to really shake up the standings, and it’s one of the toughest outcomes to predict. In times like these, I pick the team with home field advantage, and Bills Mafia is one of the loudest fanbases in the NFL.

Bills 28 Patriots 27

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