NFL Week 12 Blake’s Picks

Last weeks record: 8-6. Season record 21-20-1.

Steelers @ Bengals

Both of these teams have been struggling lately. The Steelers tied the lions and the Bengals lost to the Jets and Browns. But last week these teams played rather well. Cincinnati is coming off a win against Vegas, while Pittsburgh nearly beat the LA Chargers. Now in this case I would probably pick Pittsburgh simply because I think they are the better team. But since many of my picks have been wrong this year, I’ll take the team I wouldn’t normally pick.

Bengals 35 Steelers 27

Panthers @ Dolphins

The Dolphins are on a 3-game win streak. but two of those games were against the Texans and Jets. They did manage to upset the Ravens, though I think that was the Ravens trap game this year. But for some reason, I can’t really see them beating Carolina. Cam Newton has put life into the dead Carolina offense. Still, they aren’t a good team. Miami, however is much worse. I’ll take Cam over Tua.

Panthers 24 Dolphins 16

Eagles @ Giants

Before the season, I had predicted the Eagles would be one of the worst teams in the league. But they seem to be quietly putting together a solid season. The run game has been solid, the defense is on a roll, thanks to Big Play Slay, and Jalen Hurts is playing solid football, like a poor mans Kyler Murray. The Giants, however, are the Giants. But I’ll take the underdog in this game, simply because I think Philadelphia can’t keep up their streak for too long or the fans will start to hope again.

Giants 21 Eagles 17

Titans @ Patriots

This has the potential to be a really good game, so it’ll probably be a really bad game. Mac Jones may be the best rookie QB but he isn’t a superstar yet. He hasn’t shown the ability to truly take over games by himself. If Tennessee’s defense can shut down New England’s run game, they stand a chance. They’ll have to rely heavily on their defense, as their offense will be without their top three playmakers, Julio, Henry and AJ Brown. That leaves Chester Rogers and Nick Westbrook-Ikhine as the top receivers. Good luck Ryan.

Patriots 17 Titans 10

Falcons @ Jaguars

What a gross matchup. I guess I’ll take Atlanta. They seem to be actually trying to win games.

Falcons 23 Jags 6

Buccaneers @ Colts

The Colts are coming off a statement win against the Bills last week. The Bucs have been in a slump, losing 2 of their last 3 games. This game is harder to predict than it probably should. Can Carson Wentz go toe-to-toe with Tom Brady? Can the Colts offense keep up with the Bucs? I’d wager against it. But the Colts are in a desperate position, any loss they suffer could potentially knock them out of the postseason. They’ll put up a fight, but they’ll take the L at home.

Bucs 33 Colts 23

Jets @ Texans

This matchup is even worse than the Falcons Jags game. Zach Wilson is making his return from an injury he suffered in week 6. Tyrod Taylor is the starter for Houston. I guess I’ll pick Houston. Ugh.

Texans 23 Jets 10

Chargers @ Broncos

The Chargers are looking good again? Justin Herbert played pretty well against Pittsburgh, leading them down the field late in the game to give them the win, doing it against one of the best defenses in the league. Meanwhile, Denver is struggling to find their identity.

Chargers 28 Broncos 20

Vikings @ 49ers

Both teams desperately need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. The loser might as well pack it up and try again next year. The offenses both have the potential for explosive plays, but are shackled by the limitations at the QB position. This is one of those games where it’s such a difficult pick, that I end up taking the home team.

49ers 30 Vikings 28

Rams @ Packers

This should be the best game of the week. Two high-powered offense face off in what could possibly be a preview of the NFC Championship game. If Stafford is able to play well, the Rams should win this easily. However, Stafford has never played well in Green Bay. He does have a new supporting cast that should be better than his old one. The defense is actually capable of stopping an offense. Stafford has always had the talent to beat Rodgers, but he was always hindered by the lack of talent around him. It should be fun to finally see what he can do when he isn’t constantly playing catch-up.

Rams 38 Packers 35

Browns @ Ravens

The Browns are still fighting through injuries and it’s showing. Their offense has been struggling and the performance has been ugly to say the least. I’m curious as to how they’d look if they were to shut down Baker and Jarvis and the rest of the players playing injured and let them recover fully. Yet the Ravens play games missing half of their team and still keep winning. The better coached team wins this game.

Ravens 20 Browns 14

Seahawks @ Football Team

Seattle has Russ back, yet they still play bad football. Washington seems to have found their footing, albeit a little late, after winning their last two games. Under normal circumstances, Seattle would be an easy pick. But after the last two games, I have little faith that Seattle can actually win this game. So, one team has just hit their hot streak, and the other is currently at their lowest point in 10 years.

Football Team 28 Seahawks 21

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