NFL Week 10 Blake’s Picks

Last weeks record 7-7

Ravens @ Dolphins

The Ravens have one of the most dynamic player in the league running their offense. The Dolphins have Tua Turn-The-Ball-Ova. Despite the injuries that Baltimore has sustained this year, I think they get the victory here against a bad team.

Ravens 34 Dolphins 17

Saints @ Titans

The Titans pulled off an upset last week against the Rams in a game I thought they would struggle to win. They were without their powerhouse running back, Derrick Henry. But their defense came in clutch at the right time. If the defense is as good as last week they should win this game against a lesser QB. But I don’t expect Sean Payton to go down easily. This will be a close game and I’m here for it.

Titans 30 Saints 28

Bills @ Jets

Buffalo cant lose back-to-back games against the Jags and Jets right? If they end up losing they should be written off as Super Bowl contenders.

Bills 27 Jets 13

Lions @ Steelers

The Steelers are coming off a last minute win against Chicago last week. Big Ben wasn’t great but he showed up when needed. Pittsburgh is in the thick of the playoff race, Detroit is… not. I want Detroit to get a win this season, but I don’t think this is the week. They continue their losing streak and start the season 0-9.

Steelers 24 Lions 17

Jaguars @ Colts

Jacksonville had their moment in the sun last week. But this week they come crashing back down to Earth reminding everyone why they are one of the worst team in the league. Colts should win as long as Carson Wentz doesn’t try to do to much.

Colts 21 Jaguars 10

Buccaneers @ Football Team

Tom Brady verses Taylor Heinicke. A rematch of last years Wildcard round. Heinicke almost pulled off the upset then, but I think that was because he was an unknown at the time. Now that the Bucs have film on him he wont stand a chance.

Bucs 31 Football Team 21

Browns @ Patriots

This is one of the tougher games to pick this week. The Browns have been one of the strangest teams this year. They struggle against teams they should beat, but win handedly against teams better than them. The Patriots have been sneakily winning games and I don’t think people have noticed. They pull off the upset at at home against Cleveland.

Patriots 28 Brown 27

Falcons @ Cowboys

I’m calling it. Dallas will play like garbage until the final 10 minutes of the game and mount a comeback to beat Atlanta. Then all will be right in the world.

Dallas 34 Falcons 28

Panthers @ Cardinals

Sam Darnold is out with a fractured scapula. Maybe that’s just the thing Carolina needs to start winning games. If only their next opponent wasn’t one of the best teams in the NFL. Arizona should win this easily.

Cardinals 24 Panthers 7

Vikings @ Chargers

Minnesota will have a commanding lead in the 3rd and blow it in the 4th. Minnesota likes overtime losses so I’m guessing this game will be no different. The Chargers have shown that they can win close games, while Minnesota have had several blown leads this year.

Chargers 34 Vikings 31 (OT)

Seahawks @ Packers

Both teams could get their star QBs back this week. Both teams could field their backups. I have no idea what will happen since the lineup wont be announced until Saturday at the earliest. Defense wins championships and Green Bay has the better defense.

Green Bay 20 Seattle 17

Eagles @ Broncos

Are the Broncos in win-now mode? How did they dominate Dallas last week? It seemed that they were waving the white flag with the Von Miller trade but then they play better than they have all season, without their best player? Philly makes me nervous to pick them as they look bad one week and good the next. These two teams are eerily similar. Maybe this will end in a tie? Probably not. I think Denver has the momentum.

Denver 24 Eagles 20

Chiefs @ Raiders

Despite the bad loss, the Raiders are still a good team. They were thrown off by all the drama that happened just days before the game. They come back this week and show that last week was a fluke against a team that may actually be bad. It’s still weird to say that the Chiefs are bad.

Raiders 31 Chiefs 24

Rams @ 49ers

The Rams were dealt a difficult loss on Sunday night against a good Titans team, but the 49ers were straight up awful against the Cardinals backups last week. This game could get real ugly, real fast. When does Kyle Shanahan’s seat get hot?

Rams 35 49ers 21

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