NBA Trade Grades: Brooklyn Nets make a blockbuster move trading James Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons

James Harden is one of seven Nets players in the NBA's health and safety protocols.
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The NBA Trade Deadline is on February 10th, 2022 and I expected many transactions to occur especially trade. Some that are not that much of a blockbuster deal like KZ Okpala trade was. What is absolutely a blockbuster trade was the move made between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers where both James Harden and Ben Simmons are on the move.

Philadelphia 76ers Aquire: SG/PG James Harden and PF Paul Millsap
Brooklyn Nets Aquire: PG/SG Ben Simmons, SG/PG Seth Curry, C Andre Drummond, 2022 First Round pick that is unprotected, and 2027 First Round pick that has Top 8 protection

Brooklyn Nets Side
Well there goes the the big three saga between Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Did you know they only played 16 games together and only went 13-3. But I got to say I really love this move for the Brooklyn Nets. Especially in this deal the Nets get a younger superstar in Ben Simmons and it was clear James Harden was not going to work for the present and future of this team. Now hopefully Ben Simmons is doing okay as he has not been playing due to him dealing with his mental health issues and he returns to the court soon now that he is a Brooklyn Net. But once he is on the court and ready to go Ben Simons should fit well with the Brooklyn Nets.

While many are hyping about the new Big three with Ben Simmons included, a player many analysts are not talking about that could have a big part of the Brooklyn Nets is Seth Curry. Especially as the Nets need to get as much shooters as they can surrounding Durant, Simmons, and Irving. Plus the Nets needed to find a replacement for Joe Harris while he undergoes ankle surgery and who knows when he will return. Seth Curry will most likely take over his spot in the mean time. Andre Drummond while not being the player he was in Detroit is a solid piece for the nets defense and depth for the center position. The Nets needed to get extra draft capital and obviously the James Harden trade with the Houston Rockets flopped. In the Harden deal they traded way too many draft resources. The Nets get picks in the end of this to build for the future and make the long term damage of that deal fixed a bit.

Philadelphia 76ers Side

The Philadelphia 76ers have been a broken team ever since Kawhi Leonard hit that shot in the Toronto Raptors playoff game in 2019. Ever since that moment hit the 76ers have not been the same team. Ben Simmons was straight up no longer going to play for the 76ers and was willing to sit out for the rest of the season. So the 76ers had no choice but to trade him at the deadline. So they took the best offer available and decided to acquire a superstar in James Harden. I like the deal and Harden could be the final piece of the puzzle because at least Harden can take jump shots.

I do have concerns with Harden as I always due to the fact he takes many plays off, looks like he doesnt want to be there, and wants the ball in his hands all of the time. Plus to add onto the issues Harden could suffer massive regression in a few years as well. As for Paul Millsap in this deal he was mainly a throw in. Millsap is not the player that he was and he only signed with Brooklyn so he can be a ring-chaser. Now Millsap can still ring chase with the Philadelphia 76ers but he will mainly be a backup for the 76ers.

Grades for James Harden/Ben Simmons trade
Brooklyn Nets: A+
Philadelphia 76ers: B

The trade make sense for both teams but I think the Brooklyn Nets win this trade no question. They get a younger star in Ben Simmons, an underrated piece in Seth Curry, and grow the draft capital that they lost as a result of the flop James Harden deal. For the 76ers they at least got a superstar to replace Ben Simmons in James Harden. Overall great move by both teams but for now I give the W in this trade for the Brooklyn Nets.

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