Miami Dolphins Lose Draft Picks for League Tampering Allegations

Image Credit: (Wilfredo Lee/Washington Post)

Today is a dark day for the NFL and the Miami Dolphins. As in years past there have been many allegations that have followed the Miami Dolphins Tampering. It especially has followed with the Dolphins speaking with QB Tom Brady and Head Coach Sean Payton. What happened was the Dolphins organization spoke to both of them while they were under contract with there teams, which of course violated the league’s integrity of the game policy.

With the NFL’s finding in the investigations revealed, so were the punishments were revealed. I have bullet pointed them down below.

  • Miami Dolphins loose a 2023 1st Round Pick and 2024 3rd round Pick
  • Bruce Beal is fined 500 thousand dollars and is banned from attending league meetings for the entire 2022 NFL season
  • Stephen Ross is suspended until October 17th, can not attend league meetings until 2023, is removed from league committees indefinitely, and is fined 1.5 million dollars

This is a tremendous punishment for the Dolphins. Miami new what they were doing trying to bring in both Brady and Payton to there team. Both hall of famers about to hit the market respectively. But there rules are everybody has to follow them.

The Miami Dolphins already had two 1st round selections as a result of the whole Trey Lance Trade up. But just loosing a 1st round pick hurts in general. A third hurts as well as the Dolphins don’t have extra picks for the 2024 NFL Draft. In regards to Stephen Ross this is a big blemish and black eye on his legacy in the NFL. He will not be a part of the Dolphins until mid October.

As for Bruce Beal, I really think he suffers the most from this punishment. He currently the Vice Chairman/Limited Partner of the Miami Dolphins and technically is a minority owner of the team. He was the main point of contact in regards to the whole tampering with Tom Brady. With Beal’s suspension hurts for the Dolphins as he is a high ranking part of that team. People forget that he is the guy that was next in line to take full ownership of the Dolphins when Stephen Ross’s either sells or passes away. I wonder if that changes now because of all of this. I mean probably not as there was no lifetime ban from the league, but this really damages his credibility.

With this punishment should be a lesson to other teams. No matter how talented a player or coach is, you should never ever try to talk to anybody about joining your team while they are still under contract with another team. Other teams view this as a warning that this should not ever be tolerated.

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