Meet the Team!

Custis Moore


Hello! My name is Custis Moore and I am the Founder/Host of the Moore Sports Podcast, and the Founder and Editor of the Moore Than Sports website! I am a Junior at Texas Tech University and love the realm of sports media. I work in social media at Bally Sports Southwest and RaiderVision at Texas Tech. I like to talk and attempt to write. Check out the podcast and the website!

Blake Bartels


Hey! I’m Blake and I’m a writer for Moore Than Sports. I specialize in sarcasm and cynicism and I pride myself on putting that in my writing. My focus is on the NFL and some college football as well. My favorite team is the Chicago Bears so you know I’m dead inside. For angry tweets regarding the NFL games, NFL officiating or the Bears feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Dylan Fine


Hi, my name is Dylan Fine, and this site will be an excellent way to get out some of the sports-related rants I go on a daily basis in my household. A washed-up, former student-athlete, I am a tortured New York sports fan that will never, ever, abandon the New York Knicks for the Brooklyn Nets. There are a ton of other teams and individuals that I support but you’ll probably figure that out through my articles. Huge fan of college football, college basketball, the NBA, the NFL, the UFC, and tennis. Had a recent podcast that got most of its listeners from Belgium so I’m trying to expand there as well as on a more local level.

Nicholas Mullick


My bio: Hello my name is Nicholas and I am a writer for Moore than sports. I am a soon-to-be graduate from Farmingdale State College My favorite sports teams are the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Charlotte Hornets, Buffalo Sabers, New York Rangers, and New York Yankees. I enjoy watching sports, analyzing transactions, scouting football players, and of course writing sports articles.

Ryan Cobbett


Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Cobbett and I am excited to join the Moore Than Sports family. I am very analytically driven and you will see that in my style of writing and betting predictions that I hope to share with you all. I have a proven track record in all of the major sports with college football being my strength. I also focus on the MLB and hope to bring some great content to the site for all baseball fans to enjoy! I am also a contributor at (rcobbett22) as well as covering the Dallas Stars, Atlanta Braves, and the entire MLB focus for Ultimate Sports Network.

Maeve Hushman


Hi! I’m Maeve, I attend Regis University in Denver. Despite being raised in a baseball family, I am a die-hard hockey fan in a very toxic relationship with the Toronto Maple Leafs (they hurt me every year but I keep coming back). In fact, I love all things Toronto and Los Angeles Sports, even though I am from San Diego. I am very excited to join the Moore Than Sports team covering hockey and join this network of other individuals so passionate about sports journalism. Besides writing for Moore Than Sports, I also cover the Colorado Avalanche for the Regis University Highlander. If you ever want to hear more of my hockey takes feel free to follow me on Twitter or check out the NHL podcast I co-host, the Pick a Team podcast.

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