LeBron James signs a 2 year contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers

Image Credit: (Ashley Landis/Associated Press)

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a team that have a lot of questions follow them after failing to make the playoffs. In fact I made an article a few months ago saying that the 2021 season should be a wakeup call for the team. One points, I made in that article is that LeBron could be gone soon. Well with LeBron and the Lakers agreeing to a new deal, those potential issues are gone now.

The Los Angeles Lakers have signed LeBron to a 2 year contract extension worth 97.1 million dollars. The contract could potentially go up to around 111 million dollars depending on if the salary cap goes up. In the deal there is a players option where he can opt out of his deal in 2024.

I got to say its quite the coincidence that he can opt out in his deal in 2024. Why you ask? Well LeBron’s son Bronny is draft-eligible in 2024. I still believe no question, that LeBron wants to end his career playing with his son. Someway or Somehow, LeBron will find a way to end his career playing with his son. Whether it is with the Lakers or not we will see. Keep in mind that the New Orleans Pelicans have the option to get either there 1st in 2024 or 2025. Depending how bad the Lakers are that year, If the Pelicans decide to get there 1st round pick then the Lakers could loose there opportunity in getting Bronny James.

Coming to a deal with LeBron on his new contract is good move for the Lakers. One less problem for them to deal with, but there are still plenty more questions that they need to answer. What will happen with Russell Westbrook? Will the Lakers acquire Kyrie Irving via trade? How will this team perform with Darvin Ham as the head coach? Did the Lakers do enough to fix there defense? Can Anthony Davis stay healthy during the 2022/23 season? How will the Lakers utilize Kendrick Nunn and Lonnie Walker IV? Can the Lakers make it back to the playoffs? There are many more questions for the lakers that I could list. One thing is for sure and that is LeBron James will be a Laker for another few years.

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