Is Baker Good?

Is Baker Mayfield good?

It is a question that will most likely stand the test of time without coming to a complete resolution. Being a Texas Tech student, and a lifelong Tech fan, watching Baker throw a tantrum when he lost the starting job at Tech and then being told he could transfer anywhere but a BIG 12 school, and then defying everyone and throwing a fit to go play at Oklahoma was hilarious.

I digress.

Baker won a Heisman while at the University of Oklahoma, but that does not always transfer over well to the NFL. Eric Crouch, RG3, Johnny Manziel, and Time Tebow to name a few. Baker has outplayed these guys just listed overall in the NFL, but it does not answer the question, Is Baker Good?

If you haven’t heard, Baker Mayfield was just traded to the Carolina Panthers for a fifth-round pick. Currently, the #1 pick from the 2018 draft and the #3 pick are now both on the same team.

Here are Baker’s stats as a professional QB, 14,125 yards, 92 TDs, 56 INTs, 61.6 Completion %, 87.8 Passer Rating, 7.3 Yards/Attempt, 29-30 Record.

He made the playoffs 2 seasons ago, and played injured for most of the 2021 season. He is a tough player, no doubt, but with Odell Beckham Jr. having ZERO success as a Brown and flourishing with the Rams last season, it’s hard to say that he is a good quarterback.

My personal opinion is that he is a middle-of-the-road QB who has the potential to be a Pro Bowler but will never make an All-Pro team in the NFL. With that being said, he is only twenty-seven years old and still has plenty of time to cement his legacy.

PS. Panthers play the Browns Week One.

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