Giants Add Competition for Daniel Jones – Day Two of Free Agency

The Giants have been rumored throughout the whole off-season to be looking for a reliable backup to Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones has missed games due to injury in all 3 seasons of his career, and after last season’s nightmares of Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm starting games for the Giants when Jones went down, they found someone they can rely on if Jones were to go down again.

The Giants reached an agreement with QB Tyrod Taylor on a 2-year, $11 million dollar deal. $8.5 million will be guaranteed and the deal has a max value of $17 million with incentives. Those incentives are most likely to consist of games started for Taylor if they were to occur with another Daniel Jones injury.

Taylor is an 11 year NFL veteran and will be 33 when the season starts. He has been selected to a Pro Bowl before and has a career record as a starter of 26-25-1. Tyrod is considered to be one of the best backup QBs in the league, as he can definitely step in to start at any given time. He also is heavily viewed as a bridge QB and he’s been the bridge QB for many situations such as for Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Justin Herbert, and most recently Davis Mills. Since Taylor is on a 2-year deal and barring an expected declined 5th year option of Daniel Jones, the Giants can very well be looking to draft a QB next year. Having Taylor under contract for next season, with the possibility of a rookie QB, would be very nice for the Giants.

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