Funbelt – Tuesday Night Football

I love the fall. The pumpkin flavored everything, sweatshirts, Post-season baseball, and of course football.

It seems almost inescapable at this point as football is dominating most of my personal and work life. Every night of the week seems to have a football-related event. Thursday-Monday there are games typically all of those days, but the Sunbelt-Funbelt returned and will all its glory.

Just what I want to do 7 days a week, get home from work to watch two teams in one of the worst conferences in the FBS battle it out. It is electrifying. In all seriousness, I will 100% be watching Appalachian State (4-1) and Louisiana (4-1) battle it out this evening on ESPN 2.

Can you imagine being these kids and having to go to THREE more days of classes after playing at 6:30 on a Tuesday night? An 8 AM after playing sixty minutes of football? No thank you.

Honestly though what is the point of having these games on Tuesday nights? Is it really that much better a spot than Friday or Saturday? I can understand being the only game during the day that would be appealing, but it’s a Tuesday. I remember getting home from practice on Tuesday nights to watch The Biggest Loser or The Voice, not App State and Louisiana.

All we need now is for the MACtion to return on Wednesday, and we will have football every night of the week. This is Christmas for me, the most wonderful time of the year, and it cannot be escaped.

Oh yea also the spread is -3 App State. Louisiana covers and gets the win at home.

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